Saturday, October 29, 2011

Declassified CIA Report on Stalin's Doctors' Plot

The CIA has declassified a July 15, 1953 report on the Stalin-era "The Doctors' Plot." I have written about the Doctors' Plot before on this blog (scroll through these articles), but it is interesting to read what experts could glean in 1953. This political cartoon from the Soviet humor magazine Krokodil depicts a "greedy" Jewish doctor being unmasked for plotting to kill Soviet leaders. Money from the doctor's alleged CIA masters is falling out of his pocket.

Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's defamation and persecution of the famous climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann reminds me of the Stalin-era Doctors' Plot. How shameful that, instead of upholding justice, Virginia's Attorney General persecutes our scientists by spreading lies about how greedy they are for U.S. government grants. In fact, Cuccinelli's father is a lobbyist for the gas industry, and Cuccinelli reportedly gets money from his father's company as well as from other fossil-fuel interests. In Virginia, the Attorney General's office has been kidnapped by the fossil-fuel interests. Eventually, people will realize that the despicable Attorney General Cuccinelli is a demagogue and a liar. Cuccinelli hypocritically campaigns against sex-trafficking in Northern Virginia, but I think he is a prostitute who sells his office for money.


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