Saturday, March 10, 2012

Following the Money: FBI Forensic Accountants

Balance sheet with magnifying glass
The FBI (3-9-12) has posted an article on its site about the role of forensic accountants.


Blogger Peter said...

Do you think the "climate wars" are some kind of trivial game? Do you know anything about science and Earth history, as what the science of geology is all about. Do you know or comprehend the basics?

I don't expect a Time magazine writer to know much. So why bother reading a magazine like that, or for example The New York Times. I suggest learning some basic science and then discuss the the science or lack therof behind what I call the myth of man-caused global warming.

Otherwise you're just blowing political hot air, of which there is a massive oversupply.

I'm dropping the gauntlet. Defend yourself.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Snapple said...

I really don't care what a lying moron like you or O'Sullivan thinks. You are fabricating quotes from the FBI, and you are so dishonest you won't even ask the Agent what he said.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Snapple said...

This post is about forensic accounting. Many climate scientists have security clearances. They advise the CIA, the DOE, and other agencies on national security issues.

Your malignant, stupid lies about our scientists are a staple of Soviet/Russian propaganda. They have their origins in antisemitic tales about Jews poisoning wells. Still, even the Russians eventually have to drop the lies because they need science to solve real problems. For example,

Izvestiya (3-19-92) reported:

[Russian intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov]mentioned the well known articles printed a few years ago in our central newspapers about AIDS supposedly originating from secret Pentagon laboratories. According to Yevgeni Primakov, the articles exposing US scientists' "crafty" plots were fabricated in KGB offices.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Snapple said...

Denialists like O'Sullivan are political subversives who even appear on Russian TV in order to denounce Western scientists. Probably this is because the Russians sell a lot of gas, and the gas barons own a lot of the media.

These Kochs who give money to denialists---their dad built Stalin's oil refineries.

Attorney General Cuccinelli's dad is a lobbyist for the gas industry.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Snapple said...

Every single academy of sciences in the world says there is climate change. The CIA, the Pentagon, our scientific agencies, the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences all say there is man-made climate change.

Pravda got a 9-11 Truther named Gregory Fegel to write that man-made climate change is a myth. I guess they couldn't get a Russian scientist to write moronic nonsense.

Take your story to Pravda. They will publish you.

7:58 AM  
Blogger samrala said...

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6:50 AM  
Anonymous Forensic Accountant said...

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