Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tim Ball Can't Decide Whether the Earth is Getting Colder or Warmer, but He Thinks Dr. Michael Mann Should Be in the State Pen instead of at Penn State

The renowned American climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann is suing a retired Canadian Historical Geologist named Dr. Tim Ball and a mysterious "John Doe" for libel because of comments they made on a Canadian site called the Frontier Centre (2-11-11). Dr. Ball claimed that Dr. Mann belonged in the "state pen," although this comment is now deleted from the site.

The Canadian Dr. Ball did not get specific about any American law Dr. Mann had supposedly broken. Tim Ball only claimed:

There is a move amongst the Attorney Generals in the States to start prosecuting.

Tim Ball was referring to Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a stooge for the fossil-fuel interests who has hijacked the high office of Attorney General and turned it into a political police, an outpost of fossil-fuel propaganda and persecution of climate scientists. According to information posted on the Internet, Cuccinelli gets money from a company owned by his father, a career lobbyist for the gas industry

Just because Attorney General Cuccinelli launched a civil---not criminal---investigative demand, does not make Cuccinelli right. State and federal courts have not allowed Attorney General Cuccinelli access to Dr. Mann's emails. So far, our courts are protecting this famous scholar and our people from foreign and domestic operatives for the fossil fuel interests who seek to undermine our national security by buying up politicians and attorney generals. 

Dr. Mann's data and research for his "hockey stick" graph, which shows that the northern hemisphere has been warming, have been posted on the Internet for many years. They are in plain sight; they are not hidden, as the liars claim.  If Dr. Mann's research is fabricated, why don't other climate experts look at his data and code and expose Mann's errors? Instead, subsequent researchers have published similar results in peer-reviewed literature. The "hockey stick" is not controversial with real, practicing climate scientists at all. Dr. Mann's results have long been replicated by other scientists.

Tim Ball, who is not really a climate scientist, sometimes claims that the earth is cooling; but he sometimes also claims that the earth is warming. He does not cite evidence in peer-reviewed literature for either of his contradictory propositions.

In his 2011 interview with the mysterious "John Doe" of the Frontier Centre (2-10-11)Tim Ball claimed:

The earth has been cooling since at least the year 2000. It’s a very slight cooling trend but the rate of cooling is increasing.

In the Canada.com/Ottawa Citizen (5-18-2006), Tim Ball is quoted as saying:
Earth is warming up… but it’s not humans who are doing it.
Tim Ball keeps changing what he says without giving any evidence for his contradictory arguments. How can the earth be warming in 2006 but cooling at an increasing rate since 2000?
Could the secret data and computer code that would unravel this conundrum be hidden in Dr. Tim Ball's entrails? Inquiring minds want to know!

I don’t think that Tim Ball is really a climatologist at all.  His degree is reportedly in Historical Geography, although the Frontier Centre identifies him as a Historical Climatologist.


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