Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dr. Michael Mann's Data is Available on the Internet

"My research is all based on data sets regarding the Earth’s climate that are freely and widely available to all researchers.  Whether I make available my computer programs is irrelevant to whether our results can be reproduced...

My computer program is a piece of private, intellectual property, as the National Science Foundation and its lawyers recognize. It is a bedrock principle of American law that the government may not take private property “without [a] public use,” and “without just compensation.”"---Dr. Michael Mann's letter to Congressman Joe Barton (7-15-05)

Mendacious people who spread falsehoods on the Internet about the alleged fabrications of climate scientists often claim that the famous Penn State climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann has kept his data secret. Actually, as Dr. Mann's 2005 letter to Congressman Barton states, Dr. Mann's data is available on Internet at government and university sites. On page 6 of his letter to Congressman Barton, Dr. Mann even provides the link where the computer code used to make his 1998 "hockey stick" graph can be accessed.

Dr. Mann's computer program for his 1998 "hockey stick" graph could have remained a secret because computer codes are private intellectual property; still, researchers can develop their own computer codes and use Mann's data to verify his results. Scholars have replicated Dr. Mann's results by using his data with their own computer programs.

Researchers need not have access to exactly the same computer programs (or “code”) as Dr. Mann developed. Dr. Mann's results can be replicated using his underlying data and methodologies. See the letter (7-15-05) that Dr. Mann sent to the corrupt Congressman Joe Barton explaining the true facts and listing the Internet sites where his data was stored in 2005.

The MBH [Mann-Bradley-Hughes] data have been publicly available for more than a decade now! When Dr. Mann moved from U.Va, the same information and data were maintained through his Penn State research site.

Here are some links where the data can be found:

More generally, links to ALL the MBH research data, etc. from ALL of the MBH studies are here:


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