Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dr. Michael Mann Confronts Attorney General Cuccinelli's Mafia in a Prince William County, Virginia Courtroom

This post has updated and corrected material.

Michael Mann posts on Twitter: "Judge rules against ATI and in our and UVa's favor. We may intervene in case. UVa allowed to renegotiate protective order. details to come.."

The Institute for Southern Studies has documented how money from fossil-fuel interests are driving the legal attack on an American hero, the climate scientist Michael Mann. The ISS article is titled Who's Behind the Information Attacks on Climate Scientists?" (October 2011). This article also appears on Climate Progress (10-31-2011).

The ISS article also notes that an important hearing is set for today:

The hearing on the American Tradition Institute's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the University of Virginia seeking [climate scientist] Michael Mann's records is set for Tuesday, Nov. 1 before Judge Gaylord Finch in Prince William County Court. The hearing was postponed from September after Finch said he wanted to allow more time for arguments because of the case's significance. [Please read the entire article.]

In a post on DeSmogblog, computer scientist John Mashey reveals that Milton Johns, an attorney for Professor Ed Wegman, who is under investigation by George Mason University for academic misconduct, is Attorney General Cuccinelli's former law partner. Attorney General Cuccinelli used the discredited "Wegman Report" as evidence that Dr. Mann fabricated his research and misused government money. Mashey's article is titled "Curious Coincidences at George Mason University: Ed Wegman, Milton Johns, and Ken Cuccinelli" (10-30-2011).

A blog titled Climate Science FOI (Freedom of Information) Report reveals in an article titled "ATI & UVa: Reopening the review of exempted material" (11-2-2011) that the main lawyer for the American Tradition Institute (ATI), David Schnare, did not have permission from his employer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to represent the ATI. Not only that, a document submitted to the court by the University of Virginia (UVA) suggests that David Schnare probably fabricated information that suggested he had permission to represent the ATI.

It seems to me that Attorney General Cuccinelli and the other third-rate lawyer-operatives, who falsely accuse the famous climate scientist Dr. Mann of a conspiracy, are way out of their league. Attorney General Cuccinelli has hijacked the Office of Attorney General in order to persecute Dr. Mann on behalf of the fossil-fuel industry. His actions put the national security of the United States at risk.

The University of Virginia has posted their perspective on Virginia's Freedom of Information Laws here. See further information on their sidebar and homepage. Perhaps they will post a press release about the November 1, 2011 hearing before Judge Gaylord Finch.


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