Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dr. Alan Robock Explains Nuclear Winter

Dr. Alan Robock (see his informative articles and power-points) is the head author of an entry on nuclear winter that appears in The Encyclopedia of Earth. I think that Dr. Robock is a much more credible source on information about nuclear winter than the anonymous author of an ignorant, misleading, defamatory FBI white paper that recycles the conspiracy theories of a former KGB official and smears scientists who research the science of nuclear winter.

The disinformation about nuclear winter is being spread by FBI Agent Patrick Laflin on his FBI Tampa CI Strategic Partnership Newsletter (July 1, 2011). See the link marked "Higher Education and National Security." The actual white paper is titled "Higher Education and National Security: The Targeting of Sensitive, Proprietary, and Classified Information on Campuses of Higher Education."

The Russian government has just held a conference titled "Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change." The conference was organized by the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (ROSHYDROMET).

Dr. Robock presented a paper at this conference titled "Smoke and Mirrors." Dr. Robock has posted a power point for his students with the same title on his website. On the website, the powerpoint appears on the left side of the screen and is titled Geoengineering Powerpoint (revised April 16, 2011).

If the Russians think that nuclear winter is a KGB hoax, as the FBI white paper's cited source Comrade J alleges, then why do the leaders of this Russian conference on climate change seem to be considering geoengineering ("climate stabilization using new technologies") to cool the planet? The Russians are considering putting aerosols in the atmosphere in order to reflect the sun. Evidently, the Russians are considering creating a "controlled" nuclear winter.

The Russian conference discusses adapting to and mitigating the problem of global warming, but they also anticipate that global warming will bring some benefits. They mention limiting emissions of greenhouse gasses, but they don't say people should replace fossil-fuels with renewable sources of energy.  See the short-sighted "vision" of the conference. (See my earlier post on the Russian conference.)

Still, the Russians have clearly accepted man-made climate change. President Medvedev claimed in early 2010 that global warming was a "tricky campaign." After the 2010 forest fires, President Medvedev reversed himself and claimed that man was causing global warming.

During the fires, Andrei Areshev, a lunatic attached to a Foreign Ministry drunk tank, even claimed right in the Russian government's official press agency RIA Novosti that those sneaky U.S. climate scientists were causing global warming by beaming secret climate weapons at Russia!

Now, it seems that scientists are experimenting with ways to geoengineer the climate. When we have droughts and floods, probably some people will be suspicious that these new technologies are being used as weapons. Wouldn't it be better to concentrate our efforts on renewable energy? 


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