Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Unsavory Charges" Coming Home to Roost

During a March 2005 speech in San Francisco, ACLU attorney David Lane's client, Ward Churchill, suggested to his audience that the government may be trying to charge dissidents such as himself with pedophilia. Here is a passage called "unsavory charges" in an article about Churchill's speech in San Francisco. You can also listen to Churchill's words on audio:

Unsavory charges

The only time Churchill made the audience really nervous was when he mentioned the word "pedophilia" while discussing the sneaky tricks the government uses to silence its critics like Churchill:
"They don't charge you ultimately with what it is they're after you for. They don't charge you with sedition; they don't charge you with tradi -- with treason. They don't charge you with incitement. They charge you with, oh, having a lid of dope in your back pocket. They charge you with pedophilia. They charge you with things that sound kind of unsavory and that's the nature of the process." I noticed more than a few tense glances being exchanged in the audience after he said this.

I found this ironic because Churchill's lawyer, David Lane, represented clients who have accused people in Boulder of being pedophiles and of murdering JonBenet Ramsey. Lane's clients even claimed that people in high places and in the government were protecting these murdering pedophiles.

One of David Lane's clients, a 21-year-old political activist named Evan Ravitz wrote:

"This year I had substantive contact with 2 Grand Jury investigators, 2 District Attorneys, 3 District Judges, several Grand Jurors, the ACLU of both Boulder and Colorado, attorneys and citizens around the country. It has been an extraordinary education in what my pro bono attorney and Grand Jury expert David Lane calls the "Just us" system...what we still want investigated is what we believe DA Hunter most wants to avoid: the possibility that pedophiles- who we name- in very high places in Boulder de-railed the investigation..." (Dead Link; See Cache)

David Lane's client Ward Churchill provides no evidence that the government has made allegations that Churchill is a pedophile, but there is very clear evidence that David Lane has helped clients accuse people in Boulder of being not only pedophiles, but child-killers. In fact, the very young client Evan Ravitz was even claiming that the government was protecting these pedophiles.

Here is a long article about how two Boulder lawyers promoted this conspiracy theory that the Boulder government was protecting pedophiles, but I thought I'd just point out that the circles in which Ward Churchill travels have a double-standard when it comes to accusing people of being pedophiles.

It sure sounds to me like David Lane's client, Ward Churchill, may be worried that some of his chickens are coming home to roost in the form of a snuffed American tike, JonBenet Ramsey.

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