Friday, September 08, 2006

2,996: Honoring the 9/11 Victims!

We will never forget!
Immediately after 9-11, University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill---a historical fabricator and plagiarist, a racist, and an advocate of terrorist violence---wrote a disgusting celebration of mass murder called "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens."

A year ago, the racist Churchill announced that the 9-11 victims deserved to die because of their demographics:

"The New York Times shortly began publishing photos and biographical sketches of everyone who died in the Trade Center; I read every one of them, and the demography was about what I'd expected." [See the article here.]
Links to the articles of other collaborationist "scholars" who spread mendacious falsehoods about the "crimes" of our government, who exploit guilt to disarm our people, and who furnish our enemies with a ready-made laundry list of supposed American "crimes," can be found here.
Americans would do better to listen to what the terrorists say: they hope to build an Islamic empire, a caliphate with its capital in Baghdad, and demand that we convert to Islam or be murdered.

Fortunately, not too many people are as sick and vicious as the plagiarist Ward Churchill and some other "scholars." And most people, unlike Churchill, aren't sucking up to Saddam so that they can reap "substantial contributions" for a "liberation struggle."
It turns out that bloggers are commemorating the lives, not the murderers, of the 9-11 victims:

"2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11.
On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggers will join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11.
Each person will pay tribute to a single victim.
We will honor them by remembering their lives, and not by remembering their murderers."
Readers can link to all the tributes here.
Here is an example of one bittersweet tribute to Eric Samadikan Hartono, who had come to America from Indonesia. On 9-11-06 the sweet voice of his kindergarten daughter could be heard telling him what she has been doing since her daddy has been gone and telling him how much she misses him.
The Library of Congress also has an on-line exhibit about 9-11 called Witness and Response: September 11 Aquisitions at the Library of Congress.


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