Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager Tie the Knot!

UPDATE: Wedding pictures!

Here is the Texas State Symphony Orchestra playing "The Yellow Rose of Texas." I hope Jenna and her beau Henry Hager have have a beautiful wedding!

The song says, "The sage in bloom is like perfume, deep in the Heart of Texas."

In the picture above, Jenna signs the book for teenagers that she wrote, Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope. The book is about a young woman who was born with AIDS.

Amazon writes:

Ana’s story begins the day she is born with HIV, transmitted from her mother, who dies just a few years later. From then on, Ana's childhood becomes a blur of secrets—about her illness, her family, and the abuse she endures. Shuffled from home to home, Ana rarely finds safety or acceptance. But after she falls in love and becomes pregnant at seventeen, she embarks on a journey that leads her to new beginnings, new sorrows, and new hope.

Based on her work with UNICEF and inspired by the framework of one girl's life, Jenna Bush tells the story of many children around the world who are excluded from basic care, support, and education. Resources at the back of this book share how you can help children like Ana and protect yourself and others.

On this Youtube, Jenna discusses her experiences as an intern with UNICEF. Her job with UNICEF was to write about children and teenagers with AIDS.

Jenna has been visiting schools and educating American kids about how to protect themselves from AIDS.

Here is a 2005 article from the State Department with accurate information about AIDS and a 2005 article from the Washington Post that describes some false beliefs about AIDS that are hurting young people.

I am glad that this young teacher is reaching out to teenagers and showing them how they can help others and protect themselves from AIDS. 80% of the new cases of AIDS are young black people between 18-24. These young people need accurate information that they can relate to. Hopefully, Jenna's book will help adolescents make good choices so they can protect their health.

Jenna is an educator, not a propagandist; so she does not spread false and destructive anti-American canards cooked up by the KGB (as even the Russian Intelligence admitted in 1992) about how the American government deliberately infects people with diseases.

Mendacious charlatans like ex- Professor Ward Churchill, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the head of the Russian Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov should be ashamed of themselves for masquerading as experts and spreading destructive lies about diseases.

Ward Churchill spread a fabricated story that the American Army deliberately infected the Mandan with smallpox. Rev. Wright spread the discredited KGB lie that the American Army made AIDS to kill black people. The head of Russia's Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov spread the lie that Americans made bird flu. Zyuganov's lie is an embarrassment to real scientists in Russia. Churchill, Wright, and Zyuganov are spreading the same kind of destructive lies as medieval people once disseminated when they accused Jews of poisoning wells to spread the plague.

The truth is that Americans are working hard and spending a lot of money all over the world to educate people about AIDS and to treat this terrible disease.

This beautiful young teacher's simple book is showing teenagers how to be compassionate, how to help the suffering, and how to stay healthy. She isn't using a disease as an opportunity to stir up hatred of our country: hatred that poisons the minds of the very people we are trying to help.


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