Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What is Senator Obama's Position on the Killers Peltier and Mumia?

Senator Obama's site has blogs where people can post their views. One poster defends the murderers Leonard Peltier and Mumia.

The blog says that its purpose is "To focus the attention of the Obama Campaign and it's [sic] supporters on injustices against Leonard Peltier and other Indian issues."

Peltier is a dangerous criminal who belongs in prison. Anyone who doubts that should read the book American Indian Mafia by Joseph and John Trimbach. Visitors can watch the video called "Leonard Peltier: In His Own Words" and see Peltier incriminate himself with all his contradictory statements. The video is also here on Youtube.

The Trimbachs have written:

Perhaps no convicted murderer in U.S. History has appealed his case as many times as Peltier. Here is a mind-boggling summary of how sworn officers of the court have gummed up the docket sheet with virtually meaningless appeals. [See more documentation here.]

I don't know what Senator Obama's views are on the convicted criminals Peltier and Mumia. Now that a blogger has brought up this topic on the Obama blog, I would like the Senator to speak up and tell the people his views on freeing these vicious convicted killers.

Senator Obama was quiet when he should have refuted the big lie his minister told about AIDS. Until he was embarrassed, Senator Obama sat quietly in the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, an America-hater who blamed the U.S. government for AIDS.

Senator Obama took his two little girls to Sunday School in a church where the children and parents are taught that their own government made a disease to exterminate them.

When children get this message, why should they take responsibility for their health? 80% of the new AIDS cases are young blacks. I know that Senator Obama, who graduated from Harvard Law School, would never tell his own precious little daughters that they have no future because their government is trying to exterminate them, but he let Rev. Wright tell this destructive anti-American canard to poor people's children. What kind of leadership is that from a person who says he wants all Americans to have better heath?

Only when Rev. Wright's anti-American canard about AIDS was exposed by the media and Senator Obama was embarrassed, did he speak up and denounce the false belief that "somehow" the U.S. invented AIDS to kill black people.

"Somehow" just doesn't cut it for me. This lie didn't "somehow" happen." This lie came from the KGB. In 1992, the KGB admitted they fabricated this lie; their admission was published in Izvestia; and the State Department publicized this admission on 1-14-05, near the end of Colin Powell's tenure.

I would like Senator Obama to thoroughly discredit this lie, which has been so destructive to the health of many young blacks and their babies.

Phill Wilson, executive director of the Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles, has written:

[Conspiracy theories are] a huge barrier to HIV prevention in black communities...There's an issue around conspiracy theory and urban myths. Thus we have an epidemic raging out of control, and African Americans are being disproportionately impacted in every single sense...[Black] adolescents ages 18 to 24 accounted for nearly 80 percent of new HIV cases. The whole notion of conspiracy theories and misinformation...removes personal responsibility...If there is this boogeyman, people say, 'Why should I use condoms? Why should I use clean needles?' And if I'm an organization, 'Why should I bother with educating my folks?' The [Tuskegee] syphilis study was real, but it happened 40 years ago, and holding on to it is killing us.

Senator Obama has never explained that this lie was fabricated by the KGB, even though the head of the Russian intelligence Yevgeni Primakov admitted in front of Russian university students that the KGB was responsible for this lie.

The Russian newspaper Izvestiya reported on March 19, 1992:

"[Primakov] mentioned the well known articles printed a few years ago in our central newspapers about AIDS supposedly originating from secret Pentagon laboratories. According to Yevgeni Primakov, the articles exposing US scientists' 'crafty' plots were fabricated in KGB offices."

Senator Obama says that he is a Christian. I would like Senator Obama to respect his congregation enough to tell them the truth. To me, his continuing silence suggests contempt for his fellow parishioners.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is the lies that kill. This is a lie from the Soviet-era KGB, an organization that from its inception has closed or infiltrated churches and has murdered, repressed, manipulated, and exploited Christians. Abroad, the KGB used collaborationist Soviet clergymen as mouthpieces to deceive American churches and to promote Soviet foreign policy and stupid anti-American propaganda. Church leaders who told the truth and who refused to cooperate with the state security and propaganda apparatus were put in prison.

I think that a Senator who is active in his church has the responsibility to speak up. People say that Christians should try to "speak the truth to power." That should be especially true of a U.S. Senator with a degree from Harvard who is running for President of the United States.

Often the truth is hard to know; however, in this case the truth is not in doubt. The KGB admitted its own lie. Senator Obama says he is not be afraid to confront Iran; but if Senator Obama doesn't have the courage to confront his own church with an unpleasant truth, I doubt he will have the courage to confront Iran or the respect to tell me the truth.

Senator Obama, who is running for the leader of the free world, says he just wants a church where he can take his family and "worship quietly."

I think Senator Obama is just afraid. He made a big deal of his Christian faith in his book. That wasn't worshipping quietly. Now he is meeting "behind closed doors" with American religious leaders. Are the doors closed so that he can "worship quietly"?

I just want to hear this Harvard lawyer, this Christian, this Senator, this man who cares about our health, and who is running for President of the United States open his mouth and tell black boys and girls the plain truth: this vicious lie that their government made a disease to kill them came from the KGB.

I know from personal experience about this stupid, vicious KGB lie. I had a childhood friend named Brent Anderson who became critically ill in China with AIDS in 1987.

Brent had studied Chinese in college, and I think he wanted to visit China before he became too sick. When he became ill in China, his father had to pay 40,000 dollars for the US Air Force to go to China and bring him home because no airline would take him.

Brent died shortly after he returned home. The Soviet media claimed that he had been sent to China as a biological weapon against the USSR! His "mission" was supposedly to infect billions of Chinese because "China has a long border with the USSR." I read this moronic article myself in the Soviet media more than 20 years ago.

Does anyone really believe that the US government tried to spread AIDS to the USSR by sending a dying person to China? This stupid KGB lie showed a lot of contempt for its audience, Soviet people.

According to the State Department, our government put pressure on the Soviets, and the Soviets abandoned this lie in August 1987, about the time Brent died.

How could a Christian minister be spreading this destructive KGB lie so long after it has been exposed? Rev. Wright is really ignorant, or worse. And Senator Obama, who wants to be President, never said anything until he was embarrassed.

Historically, our great black American leaders opened their mouths and gave us the word of Christian truth, not lies. They defended black Americans from bigotry, hatred, and injustice. Their words of truth lifted all our people out of ignorance, fear, and prejudice.

What are you going to do, Senator Obama?

In the old days, people used to watch movies and laugh at the black person being scared by a boogieman, but Rev. Wright shows an un-Christian contempt for black boys and girls when he tells them that the American boogeyman is giving them AIDS. The black children need to hear the truth about this lie that is killing them.

A man who wants to be the leader of the free world can't just say "I didn't know."


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