Sunday, September 14, 2008

Glenn Spagnuolo's Delusions of Grandeur

In the previous post, I noted that the radical Recreate 68 co-founder and spokesman Glenn Spagnuolo is soliciting evidence from demonstrators in hopes of pursuing civil suits for brutality and for violating the demonstrators' free speech during the Democratic National Convention. [Scroll down here to see a 9-9-08 e-mail that Spagnuolo sent his minions.]

The famous Denver reporter Charlie Brennan (pictured above) reports on the latest delusions of the radical Recreate 68 goons for Fox News (9-9-08):

Protesters who took to the streets of Denver during the Democratic National Convention vowed today to pursue federal lawsuits against the City and County of Denver for alleged acts of brutality and violations of their free speech rights during the party's four-day assembly last month.

They gathered at the office of attorney David Lane to announce plans for their lawsuit, which they intend to file after the protesters first seek to have any criminal charges filed against them during the DNC protests are resolved - preferably, they said, by having them dismissed.

"We will take these officers and the city and county of Denver into federal district court as soon as we get it all sorted out," Lane said Tuesday. "We will seek damages from the City and County of Denver, which is unfortunate that taxpayers have to foot the bill for police misconduct. But, when there is police misconduct of this nature, we will not tolerate it and we will go after those officers."

...Glenn Spagnuolo, a co-founder and spokesman for the activist group Recreate 68 said, "There was a systematic attempt by the Denver Police Department to suppress the rights of American citizens to engage in dissent during the DNC, ranging from illegal searches of vehicles that were bringing signs to rallies and protests, to having signs confiscated, to issues of police brutality."

He added, "There were stories made by the mayor's office to create this atmosphere that the people who were arrested were engaging in criminal behaviors, and were criminal elements that came to disrupt the DNC - when they were really just American citizens who were coming to protest."

The office of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper on Tuesday declined to comment on any pending litigation against the city. However, in the wake of the DNC, the city released a statement [here] in which Hickenlooper applauded the conduct of police, the city's public works department, and other agencies involved in attempting to maintain the peace during a week in which there had been threats of up to 50,000 people taking to the streets during the convention, some with the stated goal of disrupting the proceedings. [See full text; also reprinted on Charlie Brennan's blog]


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