Monday, March 19, 2012

Heartland Institute Tried to Trick Greenpeace into Turning Over Internal U.N. Climate Conference Documents

Richard Littlemore at DeSmogBlog (3-14-12) reports on the Heartland Institute's hypocrisy:
[ In 2007, at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference in Bali, a] Heartland Institute front man* phoned a Greenpeace activist and lied about his identity in an effort to get her to turn over UN climate conference documents to which he had no legitimate access. Heartland senior fellow James Taylor then boasted about the scam in a press release decrying what he described as Greenpeace's preferential access to UN information.
Now, in a belated act of optimism, Greenpeace's Cindy Baxter has written a letter to Heartland (attached below) requesting an explanation for the double standard. Baxter is asking, in effect, why Heartland thinks it's completely okay for them to misrepresent themselves, repeatedly, and to celebrate the misrepresentations of others who are attacking climate scientists, but then gets all righteous when someone suckers them into handing over their entire budget and fundraising policy for 2012. [See the attachment and full text.]


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