Thursday, August 09, 2012

DeSmogblog Reports: Science Writer Andrew Skolnick Files Two Affidavits Against Englishman John O'Sullivan

According to DeSmogblog (7-26-12), science and health writer Andrew Skolnick has filed two sworn affidavits in the libel suit brought in a Canadian court by the climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann against the historical geographer Dr. Tim Ball, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, and a certain "John Doe." The affidavits, which  detail how an Englishman named John O'Sullivan allegedly misrepresented his legal credentials, are attached at the bottom of DeSmogblog's post.

It will be interesting to see how these sworn affidavits affect Dr. Mann's suit against Tim Ball, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, and the elusive "John Doe."

Although he claims at times to be a legal adviser or even an attorney, John O’Sullivan has a very poor track record when it comes to predicting the outcome of legal cases.

O’Sullivan opined that Attorney General Cuccinelli would prevail in his case against Dr. Mann, but Cuccinelli lost in both state and federal court. John O'Sullivan is frequently wrong about the basic facts of the cases/issues he comments on. For example, after Dr. Mann's emails were stolen by the "Climategate" hackers, O'Sullivan claimed that the Norfolk police were investigating the scientists when the police were actually investigating the hacker/s.

Deniers are constantly claiming that Dr. Mann is a fraud who hides the data and computer code for his famous "hockey stick" graph, but both Mann's data and the computer code for his 1998 hockey stick graph have been posted on the Internet for years, as Dr. Mann told Congressman Barton, a stooge for the fossil-fuel interests. Since Mann’s hockey stick, other scientists have replicated his results and published them in peer-reviewed literature using their own code.

O’Sullivan has put the words of Canadian Steve McIntyre, which appear on McIntyre’s own site, into the mouth of FBI Agent Royden Rice, and O’Sullivan refused to correct this obvious error on all of his posts. He only corrected it on one post. This shows me that O’Sullivan is a dishonest person. Probably it also shows the FBI, which is full of lawyers, what a dishonest person John O’Sullivan is, too.

The FBI is part of the National Intelligence Council (NIC) which is very concerned about climate change and water issues. The CIA, which is part of the NIC, even has a Center for Climate Change and National Security.

Foreigners who attack the great American scientists who do research for the government with disinformation, lies, and illegal computer hacking are attacking the national security interests of the American people; and our security agencies will protect our people and our scientists.

Even though the Norfolk police announced that they have closed their investigation into the "Climategate" hacking, the U.S. Department of Justice has not announced that they have closed their investigation; and the FBI comes to help Dr. Mann by investigating when people send him threats.

I don’t know Canadian law, but I do know that Tim Ball said that Dr. Mann belongs in prison, and Tim Ball has to show evidence for why he believed this. It seems unlikely that he can base his defense of what he has already said on some secret evidence that he has never seen.

John O'Sullivan frequently suggests, without providing any proof, that Dr. Michael Mann is refusing to comply with an apocryphal court order to provide Dr. Tim Ball with his "metadata" (computer code?) and that Dr. Mann is in danger of being held in contempt and having his libel suit thrown out. There is no proof that the court has made any such order. In any case, if John O'Sullivan is talking about the computer code for the hockey stick, Dr. Mann told Congressman Barton in 2005 that the computer code for his 1998 "hockey stick" graph is posted on the Internet.

Mann's libel suit includes numerous defamatory statements that Tim Ball, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, and the anonymous "John Doe" published


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