Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Blast From the Past: Charlie Arthur and the Kansas City "Union Station Massacre"!

On June 26, 1975, two young FBI Special Agents, Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams, were shot to death execution-style at close range after they were already injured and on the ground.

This is not the only time that FBI agents have been gunned-down by criminals.

An FBI agent and other law officers were gunned-down in "the Union Station Massacre"/"Kansas City Massacre" by the criminal Charlie Arthur Floyd, also known as Chock/Choc/Choctaw, or more famously as "Pretty Boy Floyd."
I mention this little blast from the past because there is a pro-terrorist, pro-Ward Churchill blog with a poster who happens to be named "Charlie Arthur." This blog is run by "Moredock," (rhymes with Chock) who stole his name from a character who hated Indians in Melville's novel The Confidence Man.

Here is a bit from the official FBI account:
"On the morning of June 17, 1933, a mass murder committed in front of Union Railway Station, Kansas City, Missouri, shocked the American public into a new consciousness of the serious crime problems in the Nation. The killings which took the lives of four peace officers and their prisoner, are now known as The Kansas City Massacre.
The Kansas City Massacre involved the attempt by Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Vernon Miller and Adam Richetti to free their friend, Frank Nash, a Federal prisoner. At the time, Nash was in the custody of several law enforcement officers who were returning him to the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, from which he had escaped on October 19, 1930."

Here is the account of the mass-murder as it appeared in the Kansas City Star on June 18, 1933.

Here is an Internet account of Charlie Arthur's life and death.

It's mighty odd that a supporter of Ward Churchill would call himself Moredock, after an Indian-hater. It's also mighty odd that one of his crew would call himself "Charlie Arthur," a criminal who murdered an FBI agent and four law-officers.

Makes me want to say Hmmmm...even though I am "a dribbling moron, so deranged that [I] can’t find a single listener in the entire blogosphere who doesn’t think [I am] categorically fucking insane..". (originally cited from Try-Works)

Well, some dribbling morons are so deranged that they deliberately taunt and play games with the FBI for 30 years.

Here is a long post about Charlie Arthur Floyd from Crime Library.


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