Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ward Churchill Tells America's Soccer Moms to Snuff Their Children and Themselves to Save the Planet!

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Boulder, Colorado's charlatan professor, Ward Churchill, admits that he abused his third wife, the late Leah Kelly, by slamming her into a wall. Churchill reportedly tried to push Leah, as well as his first wife, Dora Lee Larson, out of a moving car. [Search this blog for "Leah" or "Dora."] Leah was a Canadian Indian.

Churchill, a white radical who pretends to be an Indian, gave a speech in Canada where he reportedly said that "the colonized can over-come their situation through slitting the throat of their colonizer." Churchill is probably advocating that Native Americans should kill Americans of European ancestry.
Source: Pirate Ballerina 1-28-07 via emak_bakia

The Boulder, Colorado professor's violent words and actions make me believe that he is not "kidding" when he wrote in his essay, "I Am Indigenist," that American mothers should "snuff" their children and themselves to "do the planet a real favor":

"Every yuppie born counts as much as another seventy Chinese...Lay that one on the next soccer mom who approaches you with a baby stroller and an outraged look, demanding that you to put your cigarette out, eh? It is plainly absurd for any American to complain about smoking when you consider the context of the damage done by overall U.S. consumption patterns. Tell ’em you’ll put the butt out when they snuff the kid and not a moment before. Better yet, tell ’em they should snuff themselves, as well as the kid, and do the planet a real favor. Just “kidding” (heh-heh)."


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