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9-11 Truther Sander Hicks Recycles Discredited "Bioevangelist" Anthrax Canards about Steven Hatfill

9-11 "Truther" Sander Hicks being escorted out of a Loveland, Colorado coffee shop for being disprutive on private property---Denver Post (11-10-07)

"I owe an apology to Dr. Hatfill...the job of the news media is supposed to be to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Instead, I managed to afflict the afflicted."---Nicholas Kristof, New York Times (8-27-08)

A letter dated 11-4-02 that the Justice Department sent to to Senator Charles Grassley explains:

When the FBI conducted a consensual search of Dr. Hatfill's apartment on June 25, 2002, in Frederick, Maryland, the mainstream media immediately interpreted this search as confirmation of all the speculation that had been previously circulating about Dr. Hatfill. The FBI was asked whether Dr. Hatfill was a suspect in the case and when an arrest was anticipated. It was under these circumstances that unnamed sources at the FBI first described Steven Hatfill as one of many "persons of interest". ... The phrase was never used by the FBI or the Department of Justice to draw media attention to Dr. Hatfill. On the contrary, the phrase was used to deflect media scrutiny from Dr. Hatfill and to explain that he was just one of many scientists who had been inteviewed by the FBI and who were cooperating with the anthrax investigation.

Never-the-less, Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times, the Justice Department, the FBI, and others were sued by the U.S. Army scientist Dr. Steven Hatfill because they publicly named him as a "person of interest" in the anthrax case. Kristof also suggested that Dr. Hatfill was a racist and wrote in the New York Times that Dr. Hatfill "served in the armed forces of two white racist governments." Just search the linked articles for the word "racist" a few times.

A radical New York "Jewish" organization called "The Jewish Defense Organization" (JDO) further demonized the Army scientist Dr. Hatfill for his alleged racism. David Tell of The Weekly Standard (9-16-02) observes on page 2:

[V]isitors to the [JDO] website--every American reporter on the anthrax beat has surely been there--immediately discover that its top-featured section ... includes a lovingly imagined account of some future day, very soon, when "Dr. Steven 'Mengele' Hatfill," having first "attempted suicide," will be "awakened at 4 a.m. and transported to a cold, damp, and dirty holding cell," then tried, convicted, and given a lethal injection, "just like the lethal injection his former boss, Wouter Basson, gave to hundreds of black South Africans." This and much, much else besides is contained in an extraordinary, 50-some-page, always expanding dossier, "soon to be a paperback book," entitled The Bioevangelist and purporting to prove that "he did it."

Now the musty old JDO Bioevangelist conspiracy theory about "Dr. Steven 'Mengele' Hatfill" is being exhumed by the odious 9-11 "Truther" Sander Hicks.

Hicks is an apologist for a convicted Dallas car-bomber, the late James H. Hatfield, whose long criminal career was exposed by The Texas Monthly (10-99), 60 Minutes (2-13-2000), and The Washington Post (3-19-2000).

Pamela Colloff, the author of the article in The Texas Monthly, also complained that passages in the original St. Martin's edition of Fortunate Son had been plagiarized from her own work! In her article "Bio Hazard: Exposing the disgraced author of a discredited book on George W.," Colloff observes:

[Fortunate Son] is littered with unattributed quotes from newspapers and magazines, a technique that allowed Hatfield to give readers the impression that he had conducted extensive research ... of the seventeen people I contacted whom Hatfield listed as sources, not one recalled ever having been interviewed by him.

Hicks is also an apologist for the convicted Denver child pornographer and pedophile, Delmart Vreeland. In 2005, Hicks published The Big Wedding. The book cited Vreeland, who had been arrested for child pornography and other crimes in 2004, as a source for the conspiracy theory that the government was complicit in 9-11.

According to the Denver Channel (10-24-08):

A man with an international following has been sentenced to 336 years to life in prison after he was convicted of luring two boys into performing sex acts and making child pornography....

Vreeland was arrested in October 2004 for numerous charges including child prostitution. Witnesses reported that Vreeland provided drugs and alcohol to two teenage boys, and then induced them to perform sex acts and make child pornography for the promise of thousands of dollars and a drum set. The victims reported Vreeland to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives conducted an extensive background search on Vreeland and learned that he was wanted in several states and Canada. He has over 40 aliases and an extensive criminal history dating back over 20 years...

Douglas County authorities called Vreeland an international "folk hero" and conspiracy theorist who claimed that while he was incarcerated in a Canadian Jail in 2001 he forewarned Canadian officials of the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Vreeland has claimed to be a U.S. spy, a covert operative, and a Naval Intelligence Officer, all of which have been proven false, according to investigators. U.S. Naval records show that in 1986 Vreeland was kicked out of basic training for his inability to conform to military regulations."

Vreeland has continually claimed to have information on terror plots and high profile murder and kidnapping cases. However, Douglas County detectives and the FBI state that Vreeland's claims have no merit, and he is not a credible source of information.

The mudslinging conspiracist (not microbiologist) Sander Hicks now claims that the FBI's cutting-edge forensics in the anthrax case is "junk science" and that the former Army scientist (and multi-millionaire) Dr. Steven Hatfill is a "fascist" who deliberately infected black people in Africa with anthrax. Hicks's allegation about Dr. Hatfill's supposedly genocidal impulses appears on Youtube (10-2-09). [See an earlier article about this anthrax canard here.]

Sander Hicks is a shill for criminals. His book The Big Wedding depicts the despicable and now-imprisoned Denver con-artist, child-pornographer, and pedophile Delmart Vreeland as a government "whistleblower" who was "framed" for revealing that 9-11 was an "inside job." Ironically, Hicks is now promoting the anti-government pedophile conspiracist Nick Bryant. According to Bryant, there was a "national pedophile network that pandered children to America’s power elite" and there is a "cover-up" of this crime "by state and federal law enforcement."

The government is protecting pedophiles. Where have I heard that canard before?

Really, this conspiracy theory is so absurd. The whole ridiculous lie about government-protected pedophiles seems to be no more than an updated version of the infamous anti-Semitic blood libel, which alleges that the blood of kidnapped children is being made into matzo balls.

Sander Hicks recently interviewed Nick Bryant, who spoke at Hicks's "We Demand Transparency" conference. The conference offered a veritable smorgasborg of conspiracy theories.

But the not-very-sincere Sander Hicks was less than transparent about one thing: If the government is protecting pedophiles, why did the FBI, the judge, and the jury send the international criminal and child pornographer Delmart Vreeland---one of the "sources" for the moronic 9-11 "Trutherisms" that appear in Hick's 2005 book The Big Wedding---to prison for 336 years?

It seems to me that Sander Hicks is the one who is conspiring to protect a pedophile, not the government. It is Sander Hicks who is "covering up" for the pedophile and child pornographer by using The Big Wedding to promote Vreeland's ludicrous and desperate alibi that he was "framed" for his crimes because he was really a Navy whistleblower who claimed that elements in the Bush government were behind 9-11.

The ridiculous notion that the government is complicit in 9-11 is also expresed at the end of a psychologically revealing 2003 play Sander Hicks wrote called Sarcoxie and Sealove. A ghost called "Coby," who is modelled after the late car-bomber James Hatfield, says to a political candidate modelled after George Bush:

Two months after I "ODed" & died, the world ended for 3000 New Yorkers. Did they tell you that would happen?

In fact, the real James Hatfield was a career criminal who killed himself with an over-dose of prescription drugs the summer before 9-11 because he was arrested for computer fraud while he was on parole for the car-bombing. Hatfield didn't want to be sent back to prison for life. Sander Hicks was discredited after he published a book the con-man Hatfield wrote called Fortunate Son. The book claimed, based on an anonymous source, that George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession. Hatfield and Hicks would later claim in a press conference that the anonymous source was none other than Karl Rove, who supposedly sat in a boat on a lake with a known car-bomber and told him that President George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession.

Ironically, Hicks accuses the U.S. government of complicity in the 9-11 bombings, but Hicks is the one who was an apologist for the convicted con-man and car-bomber James Hatfield. Ironically, Hicks accuses the U.S. government of complicity in child abuse, but Hicks is the one who was an apologist for the convicted Denver child abuser, pedophile, child-pornographer and congenital liar Delmart Vreeland.

Sander Hicks says we need to "demand transparency" and the "truth." Perhaps we should start by having a little more transparency and truth about Sander Hicks.

So far, the New York Times and Nick Kristof aren't defending the afflicted Dr. Hatfill from the mendacious Sander Hicks; but luckily, the much-maligned Dr. Hatfill seems more than capable of defending himself from the canards of conspiracists.


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