Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Chutch at Bat
Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright.
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light.
And, somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout,
But there is no joy in MIMville*—mighty Churchill has struck out.
(*MIM--More Maoist crybabies)

Nobody is quite like the Great White Wardo.

Not even The Great Gatsby.

The Great White Wardo is one-of-a kind! Thank God!

The CU Philosophy professor, Dr. Robert Pasnau, is trying to show other professors that Albert "Chicken Little" Ramirez is just trying to get support for his beleaguered Ethnic Studies Department by waving this huge right-wing scarecrow about vast and terroristic political agendas that will be unleashed if Wardo goes down.

Communists always point the finger at imagined Rovian plots when the hair-brained conspiracies they cook up explode in their faces.

Liberals and conservatives should be together on the Ward Churchill fight. Professor Brown, who exposed Churchill on the Smallpox, is a liberal and a member of the ACLU; yet he exposed Churchill. That's because he is an honest scholar. Real liberals have nothing to do with communism and have traditionally been for advancing civil and human rights, so Churchill hasn't exactly been a liberal.

Churchill stole the history and voice of Indians. He made Indians into ventriloquists' dummies to further his communist agenda. His goal is to foment racial discord and lack of confidence in our justice system and FBI.

Some conservative media, such as FOX NEWS, fell for the communist AIM propaganda in Boulder and trashed the Ramseys. The lawyers Lee Hill and David Lane are Wardo's fellow-travellers, and they promoted a conspiracy theory that the government was protecting a ring of powerful pedophiles who had killed Jonbenet.

JonBenet Ramsey's father was a Lockheed executive; she was blonde, beautiful, talented, and rich; her murder was made-for-media.

Some people were duped by the AIM-inspired propaganda that she was killed by a ring of pedophiles who were being protected by the government.

This is the same lie that Churchill told when he claimed that 342 Indians were murdered by FBI-backed death squads.


Churchill says he stands for free speech; well, here's Snapple's free speech on this little blog. Does this look like a Clear-Channel/Karl Rove operation? If so, why is Snapple banned from
so-called "conservative" sites like Free Republic as well as pro-Churchill/pro-terrorist sites like

This is my voice. I can speak for myself without politicians or media conglomerates. And I will get louder and louder until I am heard. And I don't care who calls me right-wing, NAZI, religious right....whatever. These are all just lies to frighten me into relinquishing my free speech and to distract the gullible from the terrorist crimes perpetrated against the American people. It is an honor to be called names by the likes of They are running scared now that their wicked conspiracies are exposed to the light of day.

It is an honor to be defamed by America's enemies!

They pretend to be anti-war, but they are really pro-war; they just want the terrorists to win. They are the NAZIS, the Commies, the Islamofacists, the Saddamist dead-enders.

There is plenty of blame to go around on the left and on the right for our failure to see our own terrorists. The honest people need to really look at the Churchill case so we can see how we can be manipulated by people who hate us into destroying each other.

I remember there is a story in the Bible about how the Jews were so busy fighting each other that they were defeated by their enemies.

Churchill hates ALL AMERICANS. He hates Republicans, Democrats, Indians, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists. He wants to use our differences to make us destroy our fellow citizens.

We are ALL Wardo's enemy. He knows that we are powerful when we are AMERICANS; so he wants to turn us into Whites, Blacks, Indians, Hispanics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, athiests, Republicans and Democrats.

WE are AMERICANS! When we go to war, we ALL go to war. And when our soldiers die, they shed AMERICAN BLOOD. They don't shed White, Black, Hispanic, or Indian Blood.

Our blood is RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

And we must all love one another and keep one another safe from the enemies that the Wardos are fronting for. That is what our boys and girls do on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Happy Memorial Day! We are from many different backgrounds, but our blood has run together on battlefields where we brought freedom to millions of people and became a beacon of hope for the poor and opressed.

And remember, our skin color, our ethnicity, our religion, our politics should not divide us. That is the enemy's game. We should not play it.


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