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In the Spirit of Coler and Williams

UPDATE: I read a comment posted by a newbie named "Friedricha" at Pirate Ballerina :

Snapple! Where does it say that Richard Two Elk did the 'in the spirit of coler and williams' youtube movie? Does he do An Oh Gee productions? Friedricha 05.23.08 - 8:31 pm #

My updated post should answer "Friedricha's" question. Yes. Richard Two Elk has a company called OG Productions. The OG is short for Oh Gee Productions. On the site called No Parole Peltier, Richard Two Elk is credited for the video. Two Elk's video was first posted at American Indian Mafia under the title "Leonard Peltier: In His Own Words." The Realplayer video on that site is titled "Ima Thug" and the artist is identified as Richard Two Elk.


On June 26, 1975, two young FBI agents named Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams were ambushed and shot to death execution-style at close range after they were already injured and on the ground. Their faces were obliterated. Leonard Peltier was indicted for the murder of the two agents and for aiding and abetting in those murders. In 1977, Peltier received two consecutive life sentences. Here is a good overview of what happened.

Agents Coler and Williams were ambushed while going about their routine FBI business of protecting the Indians who live on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation from the dangerous criminals like Leonard Peltier who preyed on them.

The FBI has a special unit called "Indian Country" that protects Indians. Unfortunately, when people spread lies about the FBI's role on the reservations, the FBI has a difficult time protecting the rights of Indians. As the Minneapolis FBI has said:

The trust and help of reservation residents are vital to the accomplishment of our sworn duty.

Here is a video that shows the truth about the murders of Agents Coler and Williams. The video also exposes Peltier's lies: Peltier damns himself right out of his own mouth because he keeps changing his story.

This video by Richard Two Elk [see also his media company OG Productions] and a commentary are also posted at No Parole Peltier, which explains:

Richard Two Elk is a direct descendent of Oglala Dakota Chief Two Elk and has devoted much of his life to research, education and lecturing on Native American traditions, history and social issues. To learn more about Richard Two Elk and the American Indian Movement, see the definitive history of AIM, Wounded Knee II and Resmurs in American Indian Mafia by Joseph H. Trimbach and John Trimbach.

Two Elk's video was originally posted at American Indian Mafia under the title "Leonard Peltier: In His Own Words." The Realplayer video is titled "Ima Thug" and the artist is identified as Richard Two Elk.

Here is the official FBI account of the murders and pictures of the two young men.

The investigation and trial showed that the two FBI agents didn't fire many shots. They seem to have been surprised by the shooters.

According to the FBI:

During this ordeal, a combined total of five rounds had been fired by both Williams and Coler's weapons.

I have written about this vicious double murder in several posts, but especially here and here. The two men were executed on the anniversary of "Custer's Last Stand" (June 25-26, 1876).

Boulder, Colorado's evil, dishonest ex-professor Ward Churchill---who has written falsehoods about this double homicide---is a nasty, vicious, goul who also "jokes" that yuppy mothers should snuff their children and kill themselves to reduce the population and save the Earth:

Every yuppie born counts as much as another seventy Chinese.

Lay that one on the next soccer mom who approaches you with a baby stroller and an outraged look, demanding that you to put your cigarette out, eh? It is plainly absurd for any American to complain about smoking when you consider the context of the damage done by overall U.S. consumption patterns. Tell ’em you’ll put the butt out when they snuff the kid and not a moment before. Better yet, tell ’em they should snuff themselves, as well as the kid, and do the planet a real favor. Just 'kidding' (heh-heh)."---Ward Churchill [Cache (heh-heh!); see also a slightly different version of this essay which appears as Chapter 13 in Acts of Rebellion: The Ward Churchill Reader, especially page 296.]

The despicable anti-FBI propagandist Ward Churchill has falsely claimed in his anti-FBI diatribe Agents of Repression:

The reality, of course, was that Coler and Williams were vastly outgunned from the moment they commenced firing, although it is doubtful they realized it at the outset. Further, AIM and its supporters had sufficient firepower available to turn back the initial attempts at reinforcement, sealing the two agents--Custer-like--in their self-made trap

...[Agents Coler and Williams] were apparently to serve as "point" elements of an elaborate plan to trap the Tent City AIM group into a gun battle near Oglala on June 26, 1975. They were sent in, cut off and abandoned by their colleagues (241-242).

When the mendacious Ward Churchill falsely suggested that the two murdered FBI agents deliberately provoked and initiated the shooting and so deserved to die "Custer-like--in their self-made trap," he denigrated these innocent victims as perpetrators in exactly the same way that he denigrated American mothers and our children for destroying the earth. He denigrated these FBI men the same way that he denigrated the innocent 9-11 victims as "little Eichmanns."

I think Ward Churchill is the one who sounds like the evil, anti-semitic conspiracy-theorist Adolf Eichmann who denigrated innocent, defenseless Jews for imaginary crimes. It is especially destructive that Ward Churchill poses as an Indian when he writes his hatful screeds.

Ward Churchill's dishonest, deceptive, fabricated histories are reminiscent of that notorious anti-semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Wikipedia explains:

The Protocols of the Elders of a plagiarism, literary forgery, and a hoax, alleging a Jewish and Masonic plot to achieve world domination. The writing has been revealed to be originally an antisemitic and anti-Masonic (and subsequently anti-Zionist) diatribe and conspiracy theory. It was first published in 1903 in Russian, in Znamya ("The Banner," a newspaper).

Ward Churchill savors other people's suffering. He even likes to daydream about hanging politicians he doesn't like.

On an Indian radio show (11-4-99), Vernon Bellecourt stated (possibly sarcastically):

[I]n his book Agents of Repression, [Ward Churchill] stated that he was behind the hill from the Jumping Bull community the day after the gun fight that erupted there and killed two FBI agents...

Bellecourt's comment made Ward Churchill reaffirm his earlier claim that he was on Pine Ridge reservation on "that day." He told radio host Harlan McKosato:

In my book [ie Agents of Repression], I did not state that I was on the other side of the ridge from the Jumping Bull [Compound]... I was at Potato Creek which is some distance away on the Pine Ridge reservation. I had arrived there that day in an International Scout vehicle without a radio, I had no idea what was going on and was surprised by one of the FBI sweep operations, that’s what I recount. I was on my way to Spearfish, South Dakota to take up a faculty position, I had not resided in South Dakota nor had I been in South Dakota since I was 6-years-old, at the time I arrived at Pine Ridge. That’s simply another flat out, disinformational statement. [Full text]

What did Churchill actually say in Agents of Repression? In this book, Churchill claims he was on Pine Ridge on June 27, 1975:

Author Churchill experienced one of these sweeps firsthand when, while driving across Pine Ridge on June 27, 1975, he stopped to urinate alongside the road, about five miles south of Porcupine. Over the ridge came an APC, accompanied by some 20 FBI and BIA police personnel, moving "on line," carrying M-16s, and dressed in Vietnam-style jungle fatigues, boots and bush hats. Most of the group were also wearing military-issue flack-jackets. Needless to say, the whole scene afforded a sense of deja vu to the viewer, given that he had spent a year in Southeast Asia in combat." [page 438, footnote #49]

Maybe Ward Churchill, who loves to write about all the people who he believes deserve to die, actually was on Pine Ridge about the time two FBI agents were murdered; or maybe he is just bragging to give himself radical "cred." Churchill makes up so many things, it is hard to know the truth.

Real teachers don't want to be tricked by professors into teaching deliberate falsehoods to their students. Now we can show Richard Two Elk's video, and students can see Leonard Peltier's many contradictory versions of "the truth."

I am really appreciative that Richard Two Elk's research has shown us what really happened on June 26, 1975, so that teachers, students, Americans, and people all over the world aren't fooled by Ward Churchill's divisive, stupid, poisonous falsehoods about how the FBI tried to use young agents as "'point' elements" to provoke a gun battle and then supposedly abandoned them to die "Custer-like---in their self-made trap."

Ward Churchill is a dishonest teacher who has lied to his students and to the whole world. He fabricates history that never happened and mischaracterizes the words of honest scholars in order to give his evil, destructive, stupid, divisive lies credibility.

Ward Churchill also claims that he is a defender of human rights, but really he celebrates murder and terrorism. It is the FBI and real human rights activists like Richard Two Elk who are protecting our rights.

Ward Churchill even wrote in a KGB-sponsored publication, The Covert Action Information Bulletin, that FBI-backed death squads on Pine Ridge killed 342 Indians.

One of Ward Churchill's other anti-American canards is that the U.S. Army deliberately infected the Mandan with smallpox.

In 1945, the scientists E. Wagner Stearn, Ph.D. and Allen E. Stearn, Ph.D. wrote a book called The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian. Ward Churchill has mischaracterized what these authors wrote in order to give his lie credibility. Ward Churchill is a mischief maker who does not quote this passage from the book he "cites":

"Mischief makers tried to provoke the Indians against the whites by telling them that they were to be exterminated by smallpox, introduced in clothing sent to them"---Stearn and Stearn. The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian (102).

Ward Churchill is like those ignorant people in medieval times who spread false stories about how the Jews were poisoning the wells of Christians with the plague.

Ward Churchill is like those people who claim that the U.S. government made AIDS and bird flu in a laboratory in order to kill black people and Russians. His books are nothing but a pack of contemptable lies and fabrications like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, told in order to incite fear, hatred, and prejudice so that people can't work together peacefully in spite of their differences.

Even the former KGB foreign intelligence chief Primakov has come clean and admitted that it spread the lie that the U.S. military made AIDS. I guess Wardo didn't get the memo.


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