Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arrogant Ignoramus Kent Clizbe Opines: Climate Scientist Christopher Field Is "Sucking Off the National Academy of Sciences, NASA, NOAA, and Other Government Teats"

The other day, I read an article titled "Chesapeake Energy Suspends ALL Fracking in Pennsylvania After Blowout On Eve of BP Anniversary" (4-21-11). The author, Brendan DeMelle, is the Executive Director and Managing Editor of DeSmogBlog, a site that posts articles about climate change.

The commenter Anonymous (whose vulgar, comments addressed to Mr. DeMelle have now been deleted) mistakenly corrected Mr. DeMelle's variant spelling of the word eerie/eery.

Anonymous shouldn't be criticizing Mr. DeMelle's research abilities and calling him a hand-wringing, pseudo-intellectual asshole who sucks his boyfriend's cock. Instead, Anonymous should consider that there are regional and national variations in English spelling. He should consult a dictionary instead of resorting to profanity.

I couldn't help noticing that Anonymous--who attacks Mr. DeMelle with vulgar, sexually-demeaning aspersions---also uses the words “pseudo-intellectual” and “hand-wringing” to describe Mr. DeMelle.

Anonymous coincidentally used some of the same diction that the self-described ex-CIA linguist/operations officer Kent Clizbe used in a recent article titled "Selective Progressive Outrage? Water-Boarding or Extra-Judicial Killings, Take Your Pick" (12-9-10).

Of course, the similarities in diction are undoubtedly nothing but a coincidence because Kent Clizbe is a highly-trained linguist who would undoubtedly check a dictionary before he "corrected" a person's variant spelling and called him a cock-sucking asshole.

Still, I couldn't help noticing that Mr. Clizbe also uses both the words "pseudo-intellectual" and "hand-wringing" in the article he wrote criticizing President Obama and the CIA.

However, unlike Anonymous, Kent Clizbe doesn't write that experts on climate change suck their boyfriend's cocks. Rather, Kent Clizbe writes something entirely different: he observes that the climate scientist Christopher Field is "sucking off the National Academy of Sciences, NASA, NOAA, and other government teats."

In this video, Newsmax (4-22-11) interviews Kent Clizbe. He is about to publish a book about the KGB, but there is no evidence that he is really an expert on the KGB. In this video, Kent Clizbe observes something fairly obvious: the KGB and its proxies claim that "America sucks."

If the linguist, retired CIA case officer, job-vetter, and climate change denialist Kent Clizbe were also an expert on the history of the Soviet/Russian intelligence services, he would have noticed that Western denialists such as Lord Monckton, Pat Michaels, and John O'Sullivan have popped up on the Kremlin-financed Russia Today English-language propaganda satellite channel. Their interviews are posted on Youtube.

Here is John O'Sullivan's interview on the Kremlin-financed channel Russia Today. Notice how English-speaking interviewer gives the appearance of asking skeptical questions. Elsewhere John O'Sullivan has claimed that Kent Clizbe is one of his collaborators in the effort to discredit Dr. Michael Mann.

If Kent Clizbe were an expert on the KGB, he would have noticed that Attorney General Cuccinelli's suit against the EPA cited RIA Novosti's English-language version of Kommersant's attack on British climate scientists. Many of the organizations that petitioned the EPA about its finding that CO2 is a pollutant also cited the RIA Novosti's English-language version of Kommersant's attack on British climate scientists.

See Cucinelli's suit against the EPA and the petitions to the EPA. (Note: Cuccinelli's petition is not the same as his suit.)

If Kent Clizbe were an expert on the Soviet/Russian intelligence, he would know that Kommersant is owned by the Gazprom operative Alisher Usmanov, who has an education and career that suggest his affiliation with the KGB. Kommersant cited the Russian economist Andrei Illarionov who worked for Putin and Gazprom before he was hired to be a climate expert for the Cato Institute.

If he were an expert on the Russian security services, Kent Clizbe would have noticed that the "Denialist Party" is spouting Kremlin/Gazprom canards about the supposedly greedy, dishonest climate scientists who allegedly mislead people about global warming.

How ironic that the Denialist Party hates American agencies such as the EPA but doesn't have any problems with Russian agencies such as Russia Today, RIA Novosti, Kommersant, and the Government-owned Gazprom.

If he were an expert on the Russian intelligence, Kent Clizbe would have noticed that Russia's President Medvedev claims that global warming is a "tricky campaign" (Time, 8-2-10):

Two months before Copenhagen, [Russia's] state-owned Channel One television aired a documentary called The History of a Deception: Global Warming, which argued that the notion of man-made climate change was the result of an international media conspiracy. A month later, hackers sparked the so-called Climategate scandal by stealing e-mails from European climate researchers. The hacked e-mails, which were then used to support the arguments of global-warming skeptics, appeared to have been distributed through a server in the Siberian oil town of Tomsk, raising suspicion among some environmental activists of Russia's involvement in the leak....

"Broadly speaking, the Russian position has always been that climate change is an invention of the West to try to bring Russia to its knees," says Vladimir Chuprov, director of the Greenpeace energy department in Moscow. Case in point: when Medvedev visited Tomsk last winter [early 2010], he called the global-warming debate "some kind of tricky campaign made up by some commercial structures to promote their business projects." That was two months after the Copenhagen talks.

If he were an expert on Russian security agencies, Kent Clizbe would know that Russian and Soviet propaganda campaigns often depict scientists as crafty and meretricious, although the leaders frequently publically re-evaluate their anti-scientific propaganda. Even in Russia, politicians eventually retract ridiculous lies about scientists because they need to deal with reality.

In his famous 1956 "Secret Speech" to the 20th Party Conference, Nikita Khrushchev stated:

Let us...recall the “affair of the doctor-plotters [who were falsely accused of taking money from the U.S. government to poison Soviet leaders].”

(Animation in the hall.)

Actually there was no “affair” outside of the declaration of the woman doctor [Lidiya] Timashuk [more here], who was probably influenced or ordered by someone (after all, she was an unofficial collaborator of the organs of state security) to write Stalin a letter in which she declared that doctors were applying supposedly improper methods of medical treatment.

Izvestiya (3-19-92) reported:

[Russian intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov] mentioned the well known articles printed a few years ago in our central newspapers about AIDS supposedly originating from secret Pentagon laboratories. According to Yevgeni Primakov, the articles exposing US scientists' "crafty" plots were fabricated in KGB offices.

During last summer's forest fires, Russia's President Medvedev stated that global warming is happening. RIA Novosti (7-31-10) reports that President Medvedev stated:

"What is happening to our planet's climate should motivate all of us, I mean, states and heads of non-governmental organizations, to take more active steps to resist global warming."

This affirmation of global warming is an about-face for President Medvedev, the former CEO of Gazprom. As noted above, when he visited Tomsk two months after the Copenhagen Climate Conference, President Medvedev characterized the global-warming debate as "some kind of tricky campaign made up by some commercial structures to promote their business projects."

It should be pretty obvious that President Medvedev's former views are shared by U.S., British, Canadian, and Australian global warming denialists. They are the same conspiracy theories that are spread by Fox News and many Republican politicians. I certainly hope that President Medvedev continues to listen to what the world's great scientists are saying about global warming. Even if the immediate cause of Russia's terrible forest fires is not due to global warming, the effects are a harbinger of things to come.

I think Kent Clizbe should study the KGB's Soviet-era anti-science campaigns. They are a lot like the campaign against the scientists who study climate change. Kent Clizbe has correctly observed that Westerners are sometimes used by the Russian intelligence to spread propaganda, but it is a mistake to think that only political liberals are exploited.

Perhaps Kent Clizbe should read the Russian media, which is often owned by Russia's Kremlin-friendly gas/oil billionaires. He might want to consider the shameful possibility that so-called "conservative" business interests are cooperating with the Russian petrostate's anti-science campaign.

I personally don't consider people like Attorney General Cuccinelli conservative. I think he is quite radical to be quoting Kremlin propaganda that targets climate scientists and EPA rulings.

I think the climate scientists are the real conservatives. They are trying to conserve our environment, the independence of science from politics, and the future of civilization.

The scientific organizations, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the Vatican all say that man is causing climate change.

Kent Clizbe brags about his CIA experience, but this operative trashes CIA analysts who evaluate information. The CIA has its own climate scientists and even gives highly-qualified outside climate scientists security clearances. I think these analysts scientists are more reliable sources of information than Kent Clizbe.

I doubt that the CIA agrees with Kent Clizbe's attacks on Dr. Mann for alleged "fraud." The CIA has a Center for Climate Change and National Security. The Center is part of both the Intelligence Directorate and Science Directorate of the CIA. The head of this Center has been identified in the media as Larry Kobayashi. He sounds like more of an expert than Kent Clizbe, who is out of step with long-standing CIA and scientific efforts to confront the challenge of climate change.

I hope politicians in all countries will eventually consider the futures of their people, let the scientists do their important work, and encourage the development of renewable energy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

John Mashey: "The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science"

The video of Dr. John Mashey's April 7, 2011 presentation "The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science" is now available.

The accompanying powerpoints are here.

Dr. Mashey is famous for his debunking of the Wegman Report.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Long Island Serial Killer

This picture accompanies The Long Island News article "Long Island Serial Killer: Beach Bodies" (4-14-11).

FBI agents are working with the Long Island police to capture a serial killer who used the cell phone of one of his victims to taunt her teenaged sister. A blog called Long Island Serial Killer is posting all the latest scuttlebutt.

According to The Long Island Press (4-12-11):

For now, police are keeping quiet on the specifics of these crimes, but information has been unofficially leaked that the first four victims—Megan Waterman, Melissa Barthelemy, Maureen Brainard-Barnes and Amber Lynn Costello—were strangled to death and wrapped in burlap.

The Associated Press (accessed 4-16-11) reports:

With police saying next to nothing about the discovery of 10 sets of human remains dumped off a highway near Jones Beach, amateurs and experts alike are offering a multiplicity of theories — some outlandish, some entirely plausible.

Many of the theories have been compiled on the Web site LongIslandserialkiller.com or offered up in the daily papers.

"It's mostly fodder for laughter by the investigators," said attorney Bruce Barket, a former prosecutor in the Nassau County district attorney's office. "Because the investigators know much more than they have revealed publicly, they're sitting there chuckling at this theory and that theory. Because it really is irrelevant to what they are doing."

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Suspicion and Conspiracy: Defending the Reputation of Noble Individuals

The idea that Pope Pius XII did little to oppose Nazi persecution of Jews is a lie perpetrated by communist sympathizers, according to a University of Mississippi law professor.

Ronald Rychlak, associate dean at the University of Mississippi School of Law, spoke on March 21 at the Lincoln Center campus. He said the communists besmirched the Pope to sow division between Jews and Catholics.

Working from the research he conducted for his book Hitler, the War, and the Pope (Our Sunday Visitor, 2000), he told an audience in the 12th-Floor Lounge that Pope Pius XII was rightly lauded in the days after World War II for his efforts to save Jews from extermination.

Many Jews, including the city of Rome’s chief rabbi, took refuge at the Vatican as the war raged around it, said Rychlak, who is an adviser to the Holy See’s delegation to the United Nations.

In addition, Pope Pius XII passed along messages to the British on behalf of Nazi officers contemplating the overthrow of Hitler, as depicted in the 2008 film Valkyrie.

"Pinchas Lipade, the Israeli consul in Italy, said, 'The Catholic Church saved more Jewish lives during the war than all other churches, religious institutions and rescue organizations put together,’” he said. "[Lipade] put the number at 850,000."---Fordham University

The Vatican's Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations sponsored an event at Fordham University on March 21, 2011 titled Suspicion and Conspiracy: Defending the Reputation of Noble Individuals. [See a collection of articles about the event here.]

The topic of the event was a discussion and signing of Prof. Ronald Rychlak's book on Pope Pius XII, Hitler, the War and the Pope.

This weekend (April 2-4, 2011), the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is hosting a workshop in the Vatican for climate scientists, who are also unjustly maligned and hounded by fanatical propagandists and politicians such as Virginia's Attorney General Cuccinelli. The workshop is titled The Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene.
A fearful Dante and his guide Virgil in the ninth circle of Hell look upon a colossal Satan, who flaps his wings while frozen in the ice from his chest down.

It would be better if Attorney General Cucinelli's ice-cold heart would melt instead of the Earth's glaciers. The Attorney General is a law officer, but instead of upholding the law and protecting the innocent, he flaps his mouth, abuses his office, and persecutes our innocent prophets--climate scientists. I think this is because Attorney General Cuccinelli's father is a natural-gas lobbyist  

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Writes Our Laws!

This is a Stalin-era political cartoon that appeared in the Soviet humor magazine Krokodil. The Soviet fist is capturing a Soviet doctor who supposedly took money from the C.I.A. to kill Soviet leaders. This campaign was known as the "Doctors' Plot." As soon as Stalin died, the new leaders denounced this campaign.
I used to be a Republican, but when the "Climategate scandal broke, I read the scientific sites and learned that our great Academy of Sciences, our scientific government agencies, our Pentagon, our CIA, and even the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences say that global warming is happening.
I also learned that the Republican politicians are spreading denialist propaganda sponsored by wealthy and powerful fossil-fuel companies and disseminated via fake "scientific" organizations.
In exchange for persecuting our scientists and confusing our people with denialist propaganda about the science of climate change, the politicians get campaign donations. The main address of one of these fake "scientific institutes," the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), is nothing but a mailbox in a parcel post store!
These days, I am voting for the Democrats because the Republicans don't care about freedom, science, or the welfare of our people. To me, they are no different than the corrupt, hypocritical Soviet and Russian politicians who claim they serve the people but really only serve themselves.
I think Senators like the despicable stooge James Inhofe and Attorney Generals like the despicable stooge Ken Cuccinelli are really radical totalitarians---corrupt, hypocritical subversives who have kidnapped our government on behalf of the fossil-fuel industry in order to defame our scientists, pollute our environment, and undermine our democracy. These Republicans just tell BIG LIES to the American people.
A site run by the scientist Dr. Joe Romm called Climate Progress (3-28-10) has a long post about the latest campaign of persecution, which was first reported in the New York Times (3-25-11).
The New York Times and Climate Progress also tell about an organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC] which is writing anti-climate bills in 16 states funded by Big Oil and Kochs. The Koch brothers make a big deal of being "Libertarians," but their daddy built Stalin's oil refineries. His anti-communism seems to have come after he got his money.
Libertarians just don't want any laws to constrain them. The Koch-funded Libertarian Cato Institute even hired a former Putin advisor named Andrei Illarionov to be their expert on global warming. Illarionov also worked for Victor Chernomyrdin, the head of the Soviet Gas Ministry and its post-Soviet reincarnation, Russia's state-controlled Gazprom.
Our global warming denialist politicians, who take money from the fossil-fuel interests and "scientific" advice from Russian agencies instead of American agencies, are destroying the agencies that protect our people and are turning our country into a company town.
Businesses should be good citizens who operate under laws that benefit the community; instead, they are writing the laws to suit themselves.
Dr. Joe Romm of  Climate Progress (3-28-10)  writes:
ALEC gets “one third of its support from 10 energy companies, including Exxon, Chevron, Amoco, Shell, and Texaco. Exxon, Chevron, Amoco, Shell, and Texaco. Energy industry groups such as Koch Industries, American Petroleum Institute, and the American Electric Power Association pay dues of up to $50,000 a year to support industry-friendly legislation for the fossil energy industry.” SourceWatch notes that “The total from Koch stands at $408,000.”
In particular, ALEC is “literally writing the anti-EPA legislation” for “15 (and now 16) US states.” The “basic resolution opposing the EPA endangerment ruling being adopted in the 16 states was drafted by ALEC’s Natural Resources Task Force.” The “first of the 16 states to pass its ALEC written anti-climate legislation into law is Alabama, which supports the House version of the anti-EPA bill in congress.” [See the full text.]