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  • Ward Churchill DVD from the back of Tarik Shah's Impala--$120 (1)
  • Plagiarized mirror-image of Thomas Mails painting with charging Indians who all hold their spears in their left hands---$200 (2)
  • Confidential Aztlan DNA test "proving" that Wardo is an Indian---$450 (3)
  • Ward Churchill on the Internet, outlining Al Qaeda's terms for suspending hostilities--$29 a month (4)
  • Ward Churchill admitting that he "is not...Jonbenet Ramsey" (5)---


For everything else there's Master Race.






Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Hero Steps Out of the Shadows: Agent Trimbach!

"Silence is all that is required for the triumph of evil."
--Joseph H. Trimbach, former FBI agent

Wardo is so busted!

A retired FBI agent named Joseph H. Trimbach is going to publish a book about AIM next year. Somehow, I am going to get my copy autographed.

Trimbach's account of his battle with AIM is written up in the April 17, 2006 issue of the Rocky Mountain News. This is the wonderful newspaper that published the Churchill Files and made sure that people knew that Ward Churchill is not an Indian; he is a white radical and a dishonest scholar.

Trimbach tells it like it is in the April 17, 2006 Speak Out column [see cached article] of the Rocky Mountain News:

"I have some experience dealing with media manipulation. In the 1970s, my employer, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, frequently employed a "no comment" policy when confronting propagandists. The unfortunate result was that many falsehoods concerning the FBI went unchallenged. Today, they survive in various publications where truth usually takes a back seat to ideology.

Nowhere do the myths die harder than with radical elements of the American Indian Movement. At its core, AIM was as violent a group of extremists as you'll find in recent history, though you'd never know it from reading the history books. AIM's legacy lives on as the story of beleaguered Indians who merely sought to improve indigenous lives. While there's historical room for altruism among its unassuming members, the sad reality of AIM's true heritage is one of destruction.

In 1973, AIM leaders Russell Means and Dennis Banks led a nighttime raid on the historic village of Wounded Knee in South Dakota. The invasion began with gunfire and looting and left the village in shambles 10 weeks later, having caused two deaths. Most historical accounts characterize the takeover as a "liberation" or as a "symbolic" protest meant to focus attention on the plight of reservation dwellers.

The latest rendition in the rewriting of Wounded Knee history is A Tattoo on My Heart: The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973. Regrettably, the Public Broadcasting System has opted to feature this low-budget documentary, thus bestowing legitimacy upon another shameless attempt to cast invading militants as heroes. What is not explained is how 67 families benefited from the systematic destruction of their homes.

In the world of academia, truth is likewise rendered homeless where AIM is concerned. For example, University of Colorado's embattled professor, Ward Churchill, exemplifies a career built on fraudulent research. Take his book, The COINTELPRO Papers (South End Press, 2001), a collection of outrageous assertions based on guesswork. University administrators who granted Churchill tenure may be surprised to learn that each mention of my name is in reference to complete fabrications.

In one of the more zany episodes, I assume the identity of an infiltrating postal inspector during the Wounded Knee crisis. In another, I am given responsibility for the death of a village occupier, at a time when I was hundreds of miles away. What I did do, as the chief FBI official on the scene, was to order the erection of manned roadblocks to cordon off the violence. Would-be historians have since contended that armed militants who opened fire on these roadblocks were not trying to harm anyone. The assertion is both inaccurate and absurd.

One of AIM's greatest heroes from that period of violence was convicted killer Leonard Peltier. Peltier participated in the shooting death of two FBI agents, one of whom sat pleading for his life while his partner lay unconscious, bleeding to death. Today, thanks to unscrupulous authors, Peltier has been transformed into a harmless, warm-and-fuzzy prisoner of conscience. Peltier still maintains his innocence, Tookey Williams-style, despite court testimony that has him bragging about the dastardly deed."

Trimbach offers me encouraging words: "Students of history should take heart in knowing that truth eventually wins out."

Here is a link to other sources on the "occupation" of Wounded Knee.

Mr. Trimbach's account of Wounded Kee is a lot like John Burrow's account in the New York Times.

The FBI Collars Mr. Shah and Dr. Sabir


Last May, the FBI arrested two American Muslims-- Tarik Shah and Dr. Rafiq Sabir. These men were not Arabs. They were Americans.

They didn't belong to Al Qaeda, because the FBI tricked them into swearing loyalty to Al Qaeda. The pair claim they were “framed,” but why did the FBI frame them? There must have been a good reason that the FBI mounted a two-year sting.

One alleged terrorist wannabee, Dr. Rafiq Sabir, lived in Boca Raton.

This exclusive town is also where the first anthrax attack occurred. A tabloid called AMI received a "weird love letter" addressed to Jennifer Lopez. An employee at AMI died of anthrax, but it took some time for investigators to realize that the anthrax probably arrived in the letter addressed to J-Lo. People at AMI remember that the dead man had opened the letter close to his face because he was nearsighted and that the envelope had some powder in it and a star of David. Unfortunately, the AMI employees didn't realize this powder was something dangerous, so they had a good laugh at the weird love letter, and threw the letter away.

The doctor's friend Tarik Shah, a musician and the son of a former lieutenant of Malcolm X, was arrested in New York, and a note was found in his car reminding him to buy a DVD of the AIM activist Professor Ward Churchill.

The fact that Shah was a musician reminds me of this story about some musicians "practicing" to hijack a plane

Why did Tarik Shah have a reminder in his car to buy a Churchill DVD? Perhaps it was Shah's and Churchill's interest in the late Malcolm X.

Churchill justified the 9-11 attacks in the screed penned on 9-11-01 called “Some People Push Back" : On the Justice of Roosting Chickens. This essay's title comes from from Malcolm X who said that it was a case of "chickens coming home to roost" when Kennedy was shot because Malcolm X attributed Kennedy’s death to his anti-Castro policies.

Churchill also quoted Malcolm X in the opening of his essay:

"When queried by reporters concerning his views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963, Malcolm X famously – and quite charitably, all things considered – replied that it was merely a case of "chickens coming home to roost." On the morning of September 11, 2001, a few more chickens – along with some half-million dead Iraqi children – came home to roost in a very big way at the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center. Well, actually, a few of them seem to have nestled in at the Pentagon as well."

Churchill expressed compassion about the plight of Iraqi children, whom he described sympathetically as "vast legions of brown-skinned five-year-olds [who] sat shivering in the dark, wide-eyed in horror, whimpering as they expired in the most agonizing ways imaginable."

Churchill blamed their deaths on the UN sanctions instead of on Saddam's lack of cooperation with the UN and his massive theft of the Oil for Food money.

Churchill disparaged American children and their parents as materialistic, spoiled, and absorbed by unimportant issues:

"[Americans had] far more pressing things than the unrelenting misery/death of a few hundred thousand Iraqi tikes to be concerned with. Getting "Jeremy" and "Ellington" to their weekly soccer game, for instance, or seeing to it that little "Tiffany" and "Ashley" had just the right roll-neck sweaters to go with their new cords. And, to be sure, there was the yuppie holy war against ashtrays – for "our kids," no less – as an all-absorbing point of political focus."

Churchill characterized the outrages of 9-11 as "very limited actions" and as "a kind of 'reality therapy' approach, designed to afford the American people a chance to finally 'do the right thing' on their own, without further coaxing. Were the opportunity acted upon in some reasonably good faith fashion – a sufficiently large number of Americans rising up and doing whatever is necessary to force an immediate lifting of the sanctions on Iraq, for instance, or maybe hanging a few of America's abundant supply of major war criminals (Henry Kissinger comes quickly to mind, as do Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and George the Elder) – there is every reason to expect that military operations against the US on its domestic front would be immediately suspended."

It is astounding that Churchill almost seems to be acting as the terrorists' spokesman and explaining their terms for suspending military operations inside "Amerikkka"--lifting the sanctions on Iraq and hanging our leaders. This is interesting because Churchill penned his essay on 9-11. Churchill seems to have thought that Iraq had attacked us, not Al Qaeda. Hmmmm....

The Other 9-11: Part II

In an earlier post titled "The Other 9-11: Part I," I observed that the 1973 coup in Chile that deposed Allende also happened on 9-11.

I quoted some writers on the left who made an analogy between "Chile's 9-11" and "America's 9-11." The message of these writers was that our 9-11 was some kind of "payback" for America's alleged participation in the Chilean coup.

Ward Churchill made a similar analogy even before 9-11 about the death-squads in Chile after the coup and alleged FBI-sponsored death-squads operating in America.

Ward Churchill's 1990 book The Cointelpro Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States [by Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall South End Press ISBN 0-89608-359-4 Chapter 7], makes an analogy between the supposed FBI-backed "murders" at Pine Ridge and the deaths after the coup in Chile. The beginning of Chapter 7 says:

"During the 36 months roughly beginning with the end of Wounded Knee and continuing through the first of May 1976, more than sixty AIM members and supporters died violently on or in locations immediately adjacent to the Pine Ridge Reservation. A minimum of 342 others suffered violent physical assaults. 78 As Roberto Maestas and Bruce Johansen have observed:

Using only these documented political deaths, the yearly murder rate on Pine Ridge Reservation between March 1, 1973, and Mardi 1, 1976, [note the lapsed English] was 170 per 100,000. By comparison, Detroit, the reputed "murder capital of the United States," had a rate of 20.2 in 1974. The U.S. average was 9.7 per 100,000, with the range for large cities as follows: Detroit, 20.2; Chicago, 15.9; New York City, 163; Washington, D.C, 13.4; Los Angeles, 12.9; Seattle, 5.6; and Boston, 5.6. An estimated 20,000 persons were murdered in the United States in 1974. In a nation of 200 million persons, a murder rate comparable to that of Pine Ridge between 1973 and 1976 would have left 340,000 persons dead for political reasons in one year; 1.32 million in three. A similar rate for a city of 500,000 would have produced 850 political murders in a year, 2,550 in three. For a metropolis of 5 million the figures would have been 8,500 in one year and 25,500 in three ... The political murder rate at Pine Ridge between March 1, 1973, and March 1, 1976, was almost equivalent to that in Chile during the three years after the military coup supported by the United States deposed and killed President Salvador Allende ... Based on Chiles population of 10 million, the estimated fifty thousand persons killed in three years of political repression in Chile at the same time (1973/1976) roughly paralleled the murder rate at Pine Ridge. 79"

Churchill's allegation that the FBI backed the killers of 60 Indians was disputed by the FBI.

In fact, in 1985, Churchill had claimed that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 Indians. As early as 1985 Churchill [not his later 1990 sources Roberto Maestas and Bruce Johansen--see above] had claimed:

"The statistics [death rate on Pine Ridge] are entirely comparable to what happened in Chile in the immediate aftermath of Pinochet's coup."

Odd that Churchill didn't use his own 1985 citation in his 1990 book, Cointelpro, instead of relying on other scholars' comparisons about Chile and Pine Ridge!

In his 1990 book, Cointelpro, Churchill claimed that the FBI-backed killers assaulted 342 Indians and murdered about 60.
I wrote about Churchill's morphing allegations about FBI complicity in the "deaths" or "assaults" 342 Indians here.

I wonder if the selection of the date 9-11 may have been an Al Qaeda nod to anti-American radicals in this country like Ward Churchill who have invented American atrocities and spread poisonous lies about the FBI and CIA to the whole world.

Perhaps it was the blowback of these anti-American "scholars'" lies that caused the terrorists to select the date 9-11.

Saddam Trained Foreign Terrorists---US Has Their Pictures

This is a very interesting article called "The Origins of the Iraqi Insurgency."

Saddam trained foreign terrorists, and now the American government has interrogated the terrorists' trainers and even has group pictures of the terrorists taken during their training.

According to the article:

"As a U.S. intelligence official explained to this author, the United States has interrogated the Iraqis who trained the foreign terrorists and has their accounts of that training, along with material like group pictures of the graduating classes. Clarifying this key point -- the involvement of Saddam's regime with foreign terrorists-- is not simply a matter of justifying the Iraq war to the American public, vital as that task is. It is also a question of understanding the nature of the enemy we are still fighting. This includes the enemy outside Iraq: what happened to the 8,000 foreign terrorists trained by Iraq from 1998-2002; what have they done already; and what might they do in the future?"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Once there was a plagiarist who wouldn’t say his prayers,
And ghost wrote under “hats” at night away up stairs,
‘Till the MIM all heard him holler and the Black Bloc heard him bawl,
But when they turned the ‘puter on, he wasn’t there at all!
They searched him in the chat rooms, on-line, and in the press,
(And even down in Gitmo, the Drudge Report suggests).
But all they ever found of him was just his pants and round-abouts...
COINTELPRO will get ya if ya don’t watch out!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Allusions, Themes, Symbols, Diction, and Plagiarism in the Jonbenet Ramsey Ransom Note

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that the totally innocent Jesus was tortured to death by crucifixion. All his enemies ganged up on him, and all his fearful friends abandoned him. I think this is a good day to remember how an innocent child, JonBenet Ramsey, was tortured to death by a vicious, insane terrorist.


A Preface:

A pro-terrorist, pro-Ward Churchill site called Try-Works wrote this about me:

Snapple, we...want your free speech. Had we the money, sir, we’d pay for full-page ads in every local newspaper for you to disseminate your lunacy. Every time you open your fucking mouth, you expose the sleazy insanity of the smear campaign launched against Professor Churchill. So keep talking. You fucking cretin. We’d rather like it if the world saw you as the archetype of Churchill’s critics: a dribbling moron, so deranged that he can’t find a single listener in the entire blogosphere who doesn’t think he’s categorically fucking insane; a monomaniac who spends his every waking hour obsessing over a dead six-year-old and an American Indian scholar in some kind of incredible necrophilic Eldridge Cleaver fantasy. [See link here.]

These people don't have arguments that can beat mine; they only have crude threats.

Here I have linked my theory in an earlier form on a site called Free Republic. One correction is that the Osage Indian Murders and the alleged FBI-backed murders at Pine Ridge were called "The Reign of Terror." In this earlier post, I mistakenly said "Time of Terror." This discussion goes on for several pages. Before I posted this, I had posted on a JonBenet Ramsey forum, but when I said my theory the posters got agressive and seemed very well-informed about AIM. The owner of the JonBenet site said that she got a lot of her "inside" information from an AIM and Leonard Peltier activist, a lawyer named Lee Hill. He got in trouble for assaulting his wife with a gun, for other weapons charges, and for nearly ramming a police car. He reportedly skipped out on his bail and fled Boulder before his trial. I don't know if he ever turned up.

JonBenet Ramsey, a Boulder, Colorado kindergarten student, was murdered in the basement of her family home on the night of December 25-26, 1996. She was carried from her bed to the basement where she was slowly strangled and finally her skull was smashed in. The handle of a paintbrush was pushed into her vagina. JonBenet has been dead for almost ten years. If she were alive today, she would be a sophomore in high school.

Many people have focused on the Christmas date, but December 26 is also the birthday of Mao, whose policies caused the deaths of 70 million Chinese people in peacetime.

Here is an easy-to-read transcription of the the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note.

Here are photos of the three-page ransom note.

The ransom note is addressed to John Ramsey, the father of Jonbenet. The name John Ramsey is notorious in the history of Oklahoma. During the 1920s, a white hit-man named John Ramsey was convicted of being one of the killers of wealthy Osage Indians for their oil-head rights. For more on this Osage history see this link.

I think that it is very possible that JonBenet Ramsey was targeted because of the private symbolic significance of her father's name for the killer/s, for whom the Osage Indian murders have a special significance. I believe that that the Osage "reign of terror," as the Osage called this period of their history, is the original historical source, the subtext, from which the AIM account of FBI-backed murders at Pine Ridge during the 1970s was fabricated.

I think that the 1985 American Indian Movement/Ward Churchill conspiracy theory that FBI-backed death squads killed 342 Pine Ridge Indians during a "reign of terror" is a historical invention that is based on the the true history of the Osage Indian murders. In later writing, Churchill himself redacted his own fabrication and claimed that 342 Indians had been abused and 60 murdered. Churchill never explained why he changed his figures.

Little JonBenet's killer/s claimed to be members of a "small foreign faction" and signed themselves "S.B.T.C." This is the name of a company that provides Internet services in the Mount Rushmore area

I think that the "small foreign faction" may be an allusion to the Denver-Boulder splinter group of AIM--the American Indian Movement. Some members of AIM bombed the visitor center at Mount Rushmore in 1975.

The author/s of the ransom note expressed hostility toward the police and FBI in a manner that is characteristic of AIM writings: "Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as police or F.B.I.will result in your daughter being beheaded."

I originally noticed that Colorado AIM was taking an interest in the JonBenet murder when I read an article in Westword called "The Accidental Jurist."

The Westword article depicted the self-reported AIMster and Leonard Peltier activist, Lee Hill, as a hero who was defending an abused woman and uncovering the killer/s of JonBenet. Lee Hill suggested that Jonbenet had been killed by a ring of pedophiles but that the Boulder police were not pursuing the killers.

Later, I noticed that David Lane, Ward Churchill's lawyer, was also defending clients who also alleged that JonBenet was killed by a ring of pedophiles who were being protected by the government. [Dead link] Similar information is copied here, and here, and here.

This conspiracy theory that the government backs killer/pedophiles is typical of AIM propaganda and especially of Ward Churchill's claims that FBI backed death squads killed AIM activists at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I have written more about the two lawyers and the conspiracy theory that the government is protecting pedophiles at this link.

Many people have speculated about the significance of the $118,000 ransom. I wondered if this figure might have some symbolic significance for the Boulder-Denver AIM, so I googled
the name Ward Churchill, the author of the AIM writings about the Pine Ridge "reign of terror," and the ransom figure to see if this number might have some special significance for the schismatic Boulder-Denver AIM

When I googled Ward+Churchill+118,000, I found a Maoist site called MIM that claimed that 118,000 Iraqi children were in danger of dying from UN sanctions on Iraq. [See also the 2-17-05 headline article "Support Ward Churchill: Don't Slander Him All Over Again" (page 1 and 4) by "a contributor" here.]

[See an updated link for this article here.]

Children in danger of dying certainly has something to do with JonBenet in her Boulder basement. That champion of free speech, AIMster Professor Ward Churchill, has written sympathetically about Iraqi children and in the same breath has desparaged American children. In the opening of his infamous article, "Some People Push Back," which Churchill has said was penned on 9-11-01, Churchill claimed that the terrorist attack was payback: "some half-million dead Iraqi children ---came home to roost."

The theme of dead Iraqi children and spoiled American children is explored in "Some People Push Back":

"As a whole, the American public greeted these revelations [of the reported death toll among Iraqi children as a result of UN sanctions] with yawns.. There were, after all, far more pressing things than the unrelenting misery/death of a few hundred thousand Iraqi tikes to be concerned with. Getting "Jeremy" and "Ellington" to their weekly soccer game, for instance, or seeing to it that little "Tiffany" and "Ashley" had just the right roll-neck sweaters to go with their new cords. And, to be sure, there was the yuppie holy war against ashtrays – for "our kids," no less – as an all-absorbing point of political focus. In fairness, it must be admitted that there was an infinitesimally small segment of the body politic who expressed opposition to what was/is being done to the children of Iraq. It must also be conceded, however, that those involved by-and-large contented themselves with signing petitions and conducting candle-lit prayer vigils, bearing "moral witness" as vast legions of brown-skinned five-year-olds sat shivering in the dark, wide-eyed in horror, whimpering as they expired in the most agonizing ways imaginable."

The Maoist connection seen in the MIM article may be important because JonBenet was probably killed on Mao's birthday and because Ward Churchill was a follower of the Maoist Black Panthers before he morphed into an Indian. I think the ransom figure of $118,000 may symbolize Iraqi children in danger of dying. It seems possible that the murder of Jonbenet may be some symbolic retaliation for UN and US sanctions on Iraq.

The author of the ransom note uses the rather erudite conjunctive adverb "hence," which is extremely characteristic of Churchill's diction

One might google ward+churchill+hence to see how often "hence" is used by Churchill. He uses this word a lot.

Here is the infamous essay by Churchill. He uses the word "hence" twice.

Ward Churchill uses the word "hence" twice in this article, too.

One time he uses it to mean "ago" and another time to mean "therefore." Churchill really likes this word. He writes:

"First of all, SAC Domin seems completely unaware that the Bureau itself confirmed its pattern of not investigating the murders of AIM people on Pine Ridge a quarter-century hence [ago], while the deaths were still occurring."

He also writes: "Hence [therefore], Domin's presentation misrepresents 14 of 57 allegations before the "accounting" even begins."

When the experts looked at the language of the JonBenet ransom note, they noted the use of "hence" was unusual, although the person who analysed the note believed the Ramsey's wrote it. The note also attacks the FBI and police.

In Churchill's book Acts of Rebellion, the word "hence" was found on pages: xiv xvi xviii 9 20 47 49 60 73 78 85 90 108 113 120 133 152 175 199 200 202 214 239 251 254 270 284 291 295 328 335 374 376 392 393 412 413 430

In Agents of Repression by Churchill and Jim Vander Wall "hence" was found on pages: 10 13 25 31 99 105 110 116 193 209 256 311 321 324 335 348 391 397 413 441 452 458 463

The ransom note also uses statistics for rhetorical effect: "You stand a 99% chance of killing your daughter if you try to out smart us. Follow our instructions and you stand a 100% chance of getting her back."

Ward Churchill also uses statistics like 99% and 100% for their rhetorical effect.

Like Ward Churchill, the author of the ransom note is a plagiarist. He plagiarizes some of the ransom notes sent in the Lindbergh kidnapping.

In one of the Lindbergh notes, the killer specified the denominations of the bills.The JonBenet ransom note also instructed JonBenet's father, John Ramsey, about how many bills of each denomination to put in a paper bag. The Ramsey note reads: "You will withdraw $118,000.00 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag."

The Lindbergh kidnapper wrote a series of ransom notes, each with a larger ransom demand. Several of the notes specify the number and denomination of the bills:"Have 50,000$ redy 2500$ in 20$ bills 1 5000$ in 10$ bills and 10000$ in 5$ bills.""So the amount will be 70000 20000 in 50$ bills 25000 $ in 20$ bill 15000 $ in 10$ bills and 10000 in 5$ bills...""Ouer ransom was made out for 50000$ but now we have to put another to it as propperly have to hold the baby longer as we expected so it will be 70000$ 20000 in 50$ bills 25000 in 25$ 12000$ in 10$ bills and 10000 in 5$ bills."

The author of the JonBenet ransom note claims to be familiar with police technology: "You will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found, she dies. You can try to deceive us but be warned that we are familiar with Law enforcement countermeasures and tactics."

One of the Lindberg baby kidnapping notes states: "If there is a ratio alarm for policecar, we warn you, we have the same eqipnent."

I have a linked article about the plagiarism in the Ramsey ransom note here.


The killer's decision to plagiarize the Lindbergh notes may be connected in his mind to American policies in Iraq, because the father of Norman Schwarzkopf investigated the Lindbergh kidnap-murder. See the details about this weird association here.

I plan to develop this post further, but this is a good start. I think that if Wardo Churchill can use his free speech to make his case that the FBI is complicit in the murder of 342 Americans, then I can have the free speech to say that it appears to me that Ward Churchill and his schismatic Colorado AIM may have had a hand in the terrorist murder of JonBenet Ramsey. I am not going to censor myself and let mendacious, vulgar-mouthed, totalitarian terrorists like Ward Churchill and Tryworks have a monopoly on free speech.

All of the above is Snapple's opinion.

Down with Wardo's B.S.!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Great White Wardo

Professor Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado at Boulder claims that he has American Indian heritage. He is supported in his claim by a racist site called

Aztlan calls the American flag the "Betsy Rosstein flag" to suggest that America is ruled by the Jews. The flag has the Star of David on it and skulls.

It doesn't seem to me that Aztlan is really trying to help poor illegal Indian immigrants get legal status and eventual citizenship. Aztlan's agenda seems anti-American, anti-Israel, and pro-terrorist.

I believe that the excellent research done on Churchill's ancestry by the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado has it about right. They find no evidence that Churchill has Indian ancestry.,1299,DRMN_15_3841949,00.html

The Aztlan site claims that Ward Churchill's DNA was tested and that the test demonstrated that he had Indian ancestry on both his mother and father's side. Aztlan said that the company that did the testing can't be named due to death threats, so there is no proof that any test was done at all.

I think that if a blood test had demonstrated that Ward Churchill had Cherokee and Creek ancestry, Ward Churchill would have made this information available to the whole World Wide Web. I doubt that there were any death threats against labs that test DNA.

I read the Rocky Mountain News research and the unsubstantiated claims of Aztlan. I think that the Aztlan site is not telling the truth, but I am posting their claims so that people can see that their flimsy assertions are totally unsupported by any evidence.

[Cited in full for scholarly purposes]

Ward Churchill tests positive for Indigenous genetic markers

by Ernesto Cienfuegos

La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - February 7, 2005 - (ACN) The results of a much awaited ancestry genetic test of embattled American Indian scholar Ward Churchill conclusively proves that the professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder is in fact of both Creek and Cherokee descent. Professor Churchill has recently been the victim of a campaign of disinformation claiming that he was not a Native American.

Genetic science has progressed to the point that it is now possible to determine ones ancestry on both the father's and mother's side. "Gene Genealogy" now offers a universal and verifiable method of tracing genetic lineage and the ability to scientifically confirm biological relationships as well as uncover genetic legacies dating back thousands of years. Genetic material belonging to Professor Ward Churchill underwent the following three testing protocols:

1)The mtDNA Test: A test of female lineage. mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) is passed down from mother to child. Men have their mother’s mtDNA, but do not pass it on to their children. The mtDNA test can tell a man or a woman about their maternal lineage and the geographic origin of that lineage.

2) Y Tests: Only men carry the y-chromosome, which is inherited through the paternal line. Analysis of the DNA on the y-chromosome tells a man his paternal lineage and the likely geographic origin of that lineage.

3) Genome-wide Test: Is essentially an analysis of autosomal DNA that gives you a general idea of your ancestry among broad groups (ie. African, Asian, European, Native American).

The laboratory that performed the tests on Professor Churchill's genetic material specializes on American Indian "Gene Genealogy" and has one of the most extensive Native American mtDNA and y-chromosome databases. The human race consists of approximately 30 major maternal lineages (haplogroups) and Native Americans belong to one of five major maternal lineages (haplogroups). Also, the human population consists of approximately 18 major paternal lineages (haplogroups) and Native Americans belong to one of two major paternal lineages (haplogroups).

The genetic test results of Professor Ward Churchill show that he is a descendant of Creeks through his father and of Cherokees through his mother. A copy of the test results was forwarded to La Voz de Aztlan under conditions of confidentiality. Because of credible death threats to an east coast college where Professor Churchill was scheduled to speak, it was requested that the name of the genetic laboratory not be released.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Casper Weinberger Remembered at Arlington Cemetery Funeral

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke at former Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger's funeral today.

Rumsfeld said the world should remember Weinberger as a peacemaker. "His goal was an era of hope and peace," the secretary said, "one in which the people of Eastern Europe lived in freedom, one in which the Berlin Wall no longer divided families, but instead existed only in memory or its shards sold as souvenirs of a discredited era.

"Today, we live in that world," Rumsfeld continued, "a world made safer and freer by Cold Warriors like Cap Weinberger."

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Other 9-11: Part I

This is part I.
See Part II here

"Henry Kissinger is a smarter man than to publicly as Secretary of State designate call the ambassador to Washington to hatch plans for a coup d'état, two days before the coup d'etat is about to take place. It isn't the way the world works---Ambassador Nathaniel Davis


Could the 9-11 date of the Al Qaeda attack on America have been chosen for its symbolic significance to the American left? Sometimes I wonder.

The coup in Chile that deposed Salvador Allende also occurred on September 11, 1973.

This event is seen by the left as a terrible watershed. The role of the U.S. Government in this coup has been the subject of much debate, and some on the left have seen 9-11-01 as a kind of "payback" for alleged covert American involvement in the Chilean coup.

Here are three perspectives from the left on 9-11 which clearly draw analogies between 9-11-73 and 9-11-01.

My own view is that these writers are collaborationist scholars who have spread mendacious falsehoods about the "crimes" of our government, who have exploited guilt to disarm our people, and who have furnished our enemies with a ready-made laundry list of supposed American "crimes."

Paul Street writes:

"The events of September 11th were horrific, tragic, and criminal on a monumental scale. Planes flew low over an American nation's leading city. Buildings erupted in flames. There was an official death toll of more than 3,000. Thousands of innocent people were ruthlessly slaughtered. Their loved ones were placed in horrible suspense, waiting to learn the fate of missing husbands, wives, sisters, cousins, and children. An American country was left in shock, with an uncertain future, as the perpetrators evaded capture and punishment. September 11th was a dark, bloody day of historic proportions. It was a prelude to regression, repression and heightened bloodshed.Yes, the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile's president Salvadore Allende on September 11th, 1973 was a terrible watershed. The low-flying planes belonged to the Chilean Air Force. They came on the orders of Chilean General Augusto Pinochet to bomb La Moneda Presidential Palace, where Allende, a self-declared Marxist, killed himself before he could be assassinated. Hundreds of real and suspected Allende supporters were gunned down in Santiago's soccer stadium, fashioned into a torture center and concentration camp. Across the nation, in the streets and military detention centers, Pinochet's forces murdered 20,000 and tortured 60,000 in the first few months after 9/11/1973."

Another writer, Saul Landau, observes:

"What did Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger’s 1970-73 conspiracy to overthrow the government of Chile have in common with the 2001 Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda plot to destroy the World Trade Center and Pentagon? Answer: Both of these criminal intrigues reached their climax on 9/11.

Almost all Americans know that 9/11 now refers to the horrendous events two years ago when almost 3,000 people died in terrorist attacks. Few Americans, however, recall that 9/11 also refers to the day in 1973 on which the Chilean armed forces, with US encouragement and help, launched air and ground strikes against the presidential palace, the office of Dr. Salvador Allende, the elected president. Allende died that morning. A reign of terror followed the coup in which tens of thousands of Chileans underwent torture, hundreds of thousands were forced or fled into exile and the democratic institutions of the country were systematically destroyed. The coup leader, General Augusto Pinochet, remained military dictator of Chile for seventeen years four years longer than Hitler."The terrorists hate our freedoms", the Chilean workers, peasants and students could have echoed George W. Bush’s post 9/11/01 comments. They would be explaining, however, what lay behind the US and Chilean military plotters who helped make the coup possible, just as George W. Bush simplistically explained the 2001 attack from the mostly Saudi Arabian terrorists

In his September 27, 2001 article called "Blowback," Chalmers Johnson claims:

"For Americans who can bear to think about it, those tragic pictures from New York of women holding up photos of their husbands, sons and daughters and asking if anyone knows anything about them look familiar. They are similar to scenes we have seen from Buenos Aires and Santiago. There, too, starting in the 1970s, women held up photos of their loved ones, asking for information. Since it was far too dangerous then to say aloud what they thought had happened to them--that they had been tortured and murdered by US-backed military juntas--the women coined a new word for them, los desaparecidos--"the disappeareds." Our government has never been honest about its own role in the 1973 overthrow of the elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile or its backing, through "Operation Condor," of what the State Department has recently called "extrajudicial killings" in Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America. But we now have several thousand of our own disappeareds, and we are badly mistaken if we think that we in the United States are entirely blameless for what happened to them."

But what if these three accounts are nothing but propagandistic lies that use guilt to disarm our people when we are being attacked and give America's enemies a rationalization for their selection of a "symbolic" date---or worse---perhaps even one more Hitleresque rationalization for their agression disguised as "self-defense"?

According to the CIA:

"Although CIA did not instigate the coup that ended Allende’s government on 11 September 1973, it was aware of coup-plotting by the military, had ongoing intelligence collection relationships with some plotters, and—because CIA did not discourage the takeover and had sought to instigate a coup in 1970—probably appeared to condone it. There was no way that anyone, including CIA, could have known that Allende would refuse the putchists’ offer of safe passage out of the country and that instead—with La Moneda Palace under bombardment from tanks and airplanes and in flames—would take his own life." [CIA Activities in Chile 9/18/2000]

Here is a link to a CIA report on the 1973 coup in Chile.

The American ambassador to Chile, Nathaniel Davis, has also written a book on this period called The last Two Years of Salvador Allende. He wrote that many of the left were reluctant to accept that the Chilean coup had indigenous roots.

Ambassador Davis discusses the coup in this interview .

Here is what Davis says about the American government's knowledge of the coup:

"I was recalled to Washington on probably about the 7th of September I think I flew up on Friday and the, this Henry Kissinger had been named Secretary of State he had not yet taken office and he was putting together a team of collaborators, and he was interviewing possible people that he would take onto his team and that included me and he did name me as Director General of the United States Foreign Service. And that was his reason for calling me to Washington. So that, the other thing I would have to say in that regard is that Henry Kissinger is a smarter man than to publicly as Secretary of State designate call the ambassador to Washington to hatch plans for a coup d'état, two days before the coup d'etat is about to take place. It isn't the way the world works.....

...[W]e did have intelligence about the plans of the coup plotters, that we, had indications after I, I guess I flew back to Santiago, it was either Sunday night or Monday morning, I forget which, but the certainly the situation was getting more and more ominous and then we did have the possibility of learning something about it. Not because we were in touch with the plotters we were not, and General Pinochet, a Chilean officers are proud men and he said afterwards to Sy Salzburg of the New York Times that "I wasn't going to consult any ambassador, least of all the United States, because this is our business, it's not theirs". But we did learn something about it and made the arrangement that our two actually recently assigned officers of the of the anti-drug international, anti-drug effort who lived quite close to me that they could simply swing by and pick me up. And they did, and so in the morning we drove down and got about oh 5 blocks from our embassy offices, they there was already firing in the streets and tear gas and so on and so forth because of course the embassy is right across the square from the Mondeo palace, which is where the, the presidential office is. So we walked on foot to the embassy and got in and got up to the embassy offices which were on a rather high story in the office building, several high stories and then put mattresses against our windows. because there was a, our windows were being shot out, the glass was being shot out, and watched developments...."

Front Page Magazine has an article about the Chile coup. The author Mark Falcoff, observes:

"...Richard Nixon was hardly pleased by the prospect of an Allende presidency, and was taking steps to prevent it. This much has been a matter of public record for nearly 30 years. The primary sources are two reports by a committee led by the late Democratic Senator Frank Church of Idaho, one entitled Alleged Assassination Plots of Foreign Leaders and the other Covert Action in Chile, 1963-1973 (both published in 1975). The findings of the Church committee exonerate the administration of unlawful activity--a noteworthy fact in light of the circumstances that both the chairman and the majority of the members (and, even more, their staffs) were unremittingly hostile to the Nixon White House and anxious, if possible, to find embarrassing linkages between it and events in Chile."

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