Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John and Joe Trimbach: Speaking Truth to Power

"Trimbach explains why AIM leaders ordered the execution of AIM member Anna Mae Aquash in 1975 and why the alleged trigger-man, John Graham, will finally be tried for murder in 2008. Trimbach also exposes the falsified history of Pine Ridge often found in libraries across America, such as the work of Professor Ward Churchill."

The Yearbook of Experts reports:

Former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Joseph H. Trimbach, and his son John have published American Indian Mafia, the long awaited correction to the historical record of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the American Indian Movement (AIM) of the 1970s. For the first time, a primary source has documented the true history from that period and brought it up to date. Trimbach explains why AIM leaders ordered the execution of AIM member Anna Mae Aquash in 1975 and why the alleged trigger-man, John Graham, will finally be tried for murder in 2008. Trimbach also exposes the falsified history of Pine Ridge often found in libraries across America, such as the work of Professor Ward Churchill. Native journalist and publisher Tim Giago wrote that American Indian Mafia “…takes apart Peter Matthiessen’s In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, movies like ‘Thunderheart,’ ‘Lakota Woman,’ and ‘A Tattoo on My Heart - The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973,’ and exposes them for the frauds that they are. It is refreshing to finally hear the other side of the story.”

From the razing of Wounded Knee village in 1973, to the real story behind convicted killer Leonard Peltier’s murderous rampage in 1975, Trimbach describes AIM’s destructive legacy from an observer’s point of view. Supported by thorough documentation, dozens of photographs, and never-before-published material, the Trimbach’s one-of-a-kind narrative and live presentations chronicle the victimization of a people sorely in need of spiritual and economic revival.

American Indian Mafia concludes with prescriptive solutions for fighting a host of social ills that plague Pine Ridge. The Epilogue exposes rampant child sex abuse on the reservation, and what must be done to fight this evil. American Indian Mafia promotes genuine Pine Ridge healing and will leave readers with a clear vision of a brighter future for the Lakota Sioux Indians.

Joe and John are available for speeches, public appearances, and interviews. For more information, see americanindianmafia.com and the publisher’s web page at outskirtspress.com/AmericanIndianMafia.

[See additional information at Yearbook of Experts.]

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Former FBI Chief Joe Trimbach Urges President Obama to Keep Leonard Peltier Behind Bars

On June 26, 1975, two young FBI agents named Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams were ambushed and shot to death execution-style at close range after they were already injured and on the ground. Their faces were obliterated. Leonard Peltier was indicted for the murder of the two agents and for aiding and abetting in those murders. In 1977, Peltier received two consecutive life sentences.

The retired FBI Special Agent Joseph H. Trimbach issues this 3-17-09 press release about the killer of FBI agents:

March 17, 2009 – Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Joseph H. Trimbach has asked President Obama to reject all petitions for executive clemency for Leonard Peltier, a member of the American Indian Movement convicted in the 1975 murders of two federal agents.

In a strongly worded two-page letter, dated January 20, 2009, Trimbach called on the President to deny requests for clemency on the grounds that Peltier is guilty and unrepentant. This follows recent news that in his final days in office, President Bush formally rejected Peltier’s petition for freedom, thereby requiring Peltier to refile his request with the Obama administration. Peltier’s supporters hope President Obama will invoke his executive powers and grant an immediate pardon which would override current time limitations in the petition process. Calling his recent move a “charm offensive” designed to fool the President, Trimbach wrote that releasing Peltier would be “an abomination of justice” and “have far-reaching ramifications for your administration, for the FBI, and for the people of Indian Country.” In his letter, Trimbach recalled being shot at as he and his fellow agents chased Peltier and his accomplices into the hills south of the village of Oglala, on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Trimbach detailed several items that he says substantiate Peltier’s guilt as the triggerman, including Peltier’s boast about shooting one of the agents, recalled under oath by a witness in another trial. He further stated that information made public since Peltier’s conviction strongly validates the guilty verdict rendered in 1977. Specifically, Trimbach said that every judge who has heard or reviewed the case has concluded that Peltier was fairly tried and fairly convicted. Trimbach told the President that many well-intentioned people have been fooled by Peltier’s persona as a “political prisoner,” a manufactured identity that has bilked millions of donors out of millions of dollars for Peltier’s defense fund. Peltier is supported by Robert Redford, David Geffen, and other Hollywood celebrities who say the 64-year old inmate should be released due to humanitarian reasons.

Trimbach’s web site, americanindianmafia.com, features a youtube.com video which shows Peltier apparently contradicting himself over the course of several interviews. Through his blog site, aimmythbusters.com, administered by James Simon, Trimbach argues that Peltier’s lawyers have merely sealed their client’s fate by encouraging his dishonesty and denial. “Every time an inconvenient truth exposes one of his falsehoods, he changes his story” says Trimbach, adding that only prisoners who admit their guilt and ask for forgiveness should be considered for parole or pardon. Peltier claimed for many years that another man, known as Mr. X, was guilty of executing Agents Ron Williams and Jack Coler. An interview of a masked X was shown on 60 Minutes in 1991. The story was later exposed as a hoax, designed to persuade then President Clinton that Peltier was innocent. Clinton left office without acting on the Peltier case.

In a separate letter to Congressman John Conyers, Trimbach cited Peltier’s 1993 Parole Board which concluded that his aiding and abetting conviction belied the greater probability that Peltier himself fired the fatal shots, all delivered at point-blank range. Evidence presented at Peltier’s trial included a shell casing found at the murder scene, which matched over a hundred shell casings found nearby and ejected from Peltier’s weapon, an AR-15 assault rifle. The weapon was recovered three months later after the car it was in, laden with gunpowder and weapons, exploded on a Kansas highway. A recent message from Peltier to his supporters opened with the words, “May Death Be Upon You, FBI.” Trimbach responded by writing, “On June 26, 1975, Leonard Peltier surely brought death to the FBI.”

Joseph Trimbach presents other evidence against Peltier in his book, American Indian Mafia, An FBI Agent’s True Story About Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the American Indian Movement (AIM). He may be reached through his public relations service found at ExpertClick.com (keywords: AIM Myth Busters) and his web site, americanindianmafia.com. For a book summary, see outskirtspress.com/americanindianmafia.

[See full press release for contact details.]

Scuttlebutt Update: Ward Churchill Subpoenaed to Testify in Anna Mae Aquash Murder Trial!

Mr. Paine of PirateBallerina (3-28-09) reports:

Professor Ward Churchill's experience at sneaking smokes in courthouse men's rooms [Westword (3-27-09)] may come in handy; we've heard (but have been unable to confirm) that he's been subpoenaed as a hostile witness to testify in the Anna Mae Aquash murder trial scheduled to begin May 12 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Enjoy! Just "kidding" (heh-heh).

Read about the murder of Anna Mae on AIM Myth Busters (6-26-08). Keep checking on the home site of AIM Myth Busters for reliable information.

Updates to follow!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Professor Barbara Mann Testifies in Ward Churchill's Lawsuit Trial

"Turkey Lurkey told me," said Gander Pander.
"Goosey Poosey told me," said Turkey Lurkey. "Ducky Daddies told me," said Goosey Poosey. "Cocky Locky told me," said Ducky Daddies. "Henny Penny told me," said Cocky Locky. "Chicken Little told me," said Henny Penny."A piece of it fell on my head," cried Chicken Little, "and we are going to tell the King."--"Chicken Little"

I think the children's story "Chicken Little" shows what happens when scholars like Barbara Mann don't verify their sources when citing dishonest "scholars" like Ward Churchill: A false story--a canard--spreads through our history.

Ward Churchill wrote anti-FBI propaganda in a KGB mouthpiece. He claimed that FBI-backed death squads killed 342 Indians. Ward Churchill has also penned increasingly elaborated canards about the American Army deliberately distributing smallpox-infected blankets to the Mandan Indians. Churchill's canard about smallpox blankets resembles the KGB's long-discredited canard that the U.S. Army invented AIDS to kill black people.

Scholars like Barbara Mann who cite Ward Churchill are uncritically repeating crude, unscientific propaganda that has its origins in the Medieval stories that Jews poisoned the wells of Christians with plague or that they kidnapped and murdered Christian children and used their blood to make matzoh.

According to the CDC:

Smallpox is usually spread from one person to another by infected saliva droplets that expose a susceptible person having face-to-face contact with the ill person...Rarely, smallpox virus has been spread from one person to another through airborne or fomite transmission [objects].

Reliable historical accounts report that the Mandan were infected by a sick passenger who arrived on a steamship. In The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian, E. Wagner Stearn and Allen E. Stearn write that an eyewitness named Francis A. Chardon claimed in his journal that an Indian stole a sick traveller's blanket. Chardon offered the Indian a new blanket if he would return the stolen one. (Stearn and Stearn p. 81). There is nothing in this book about the Army distributing infected blankets to the Mandan. [For Churchill's misuse of books by the Stearns and other scholars, see Thomas Brown, "Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians? Fabrication and Falsification in Ward Churchill’s Genocide Rhetoric" in Plagiary.]

The Mandan smallpox epidemic killed whites and Indians. It endangered the whites because the Indians blamed them for the illness.

A story about "mischief makers" telling Indians that whites were plotting to give them smallpox blankets is even reported in Stearns' The Effect of Smallpox on the Amerindian (1945), which Ward Churchill cites in A Little Matter of Genocide in his account of the British General Amherst's plot to infect Indians (Footnote 8, page 76).

In a discussion about the health effects on Indians of the construction of the Pacific Railroad, the Stearns report that some "mischief makers" tried to convince Indians that the whites planned to deliberately infect them with contaminated clothing:

Mischief makers tried to provoke the Indians against the whites by telling them that they were to be exterminated by smallpox, introduced in clothing sent to them. [ The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian (1945) by E. Wagner Stearn, Ph.D. and Allen E. Stearn, Ph.D. (102)]

Ward Churchill is a modern-day mischief maker who circulates fabricated canards about the U.S. Army using biological warfare against the Mandan.

College professor Barbara "Chicken Little" Mann seems to have changed her testimony as a witness for ex-professor Ward Churchill in his lawsuit against the University of Colorado. Ward Churchill is suing CU because he was fired from his position as a tenured professor due to research misconduct. (Hat Tip PirateBallerina, CNews 20March09)

Barbara Alice Mann is testifying as an expert on the so-called Mandan smallpox "genocide." She wrote about the Mandan epidemic in her book George Washington's War on Native America (Scroll to page 11).

In George Washington's War, Professor Mann claims:

In 1836...the [U.S.] government distributed smallpox blankets to the Mandans. (62)

Unfortunately for Professor Mann, footnote 62 refers the reader to Ward Churchill's book A Little Matter of Genocide. Scroll down to page 185 in George Washington's War to see footnote 62 in the citation.

Professor Mann also cites The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian, but it is hard to believe that Professor Mann has read the Stearns' book since her own book presents such an unbalanced history. [See her footnote 60 on page 185 in George Washington's War on Native America.]

The Daily Camera's Churchill Trial Blog (3-20-09) reports:

The morning began with testimony from Barbara Mann, an English professor from the University of Toledo who has researched the smallpox epidemic on the Upper Missouri River in the 1830s.

Churchill attorney David Lane read her words from her Feb. 6 interview. Her taped testimony was not able to be played for technical reasons.

She [testified in the 2-6-09 interview] that Churchill's claims about how the disease was spread -- primarily by the U.S. Army and with deliberate purpose -- have backing in the historical record.

The legal blog Race to the Bottom (3-20-09) reports that in her March 20, 2009 testimony that Professor Mann admitted she does not know if Churchill's claims have backing in the historical record:

CU’s attorney asked numerous times, and Professor Mann replied several times that she had not seen primary and secondary sources supporting Professor Churchill’s proposition that smallpox blankets were dispersed to the American Indians. She then clarified that “It doesn’t mean that [the primary or secondary source] doesn’t exist. It means I haven’t seen it.” The attorney established, by getting a positive response from Professor Mann, that “it is not appropriate” to fabricate facts that are not supported by primary and/or secondary sources supporting some of Professor Churchill’s propositions about the spreading of smallpox to the American Indian population.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soviet Academy of Sciences Distances Itself from KGB-Sponsored AIDS Canard (1987)

On November 5, 1987, The New York Times reported that the Soviet Academy of Sciences had distanced itself from the KGB-sponsored anti-American canard that the US Army made AIDS to kill black people:

Soviet scientists have disavowed charges in the Soviet-sponsored press that the AIDS virus was artificially cultivated at a secret American military base.

The scientists, Roald Sagdeyev and Vitali Goldansky, publicly distanced the Soviet Academy of Sciences from the accusations about American responsibility for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. They said they had protested the appearance of Soviet articles that repeated those contentions.

The disavowal was contained in Izvestia, the Soviet government newspaper...

Almost five years later, in March 1992, the Russian intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov admitted that the KGB had concocted the false story that AIDS was a biological weapon that had been developed by the U.S. Army.

The Russian newspaper Izvestiya (3-19-92) reported on March 19, 1992:

[Primakov] mentioned the well known articles printed a few years ago in our central newspapers about AIDS supposedly originating from secret Pentagon laboratories. According to Yevgeni Primakov, the articles exposing US scientists' 'crafty' plots were fabricated in KGB offices.

I have written about the KGB AIDS propaganda campaign many times on my blog. You can search AIDS, Primakov, canard, Wright, and Brent Anderson to see some information about the history of the KGB AIDS propaganda campaign.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ward Churchill: A Craven Puppet with Quisling Impulses

This cartoon depicts the Norwegian traitor Vidkun Quisling saluting Adolf Hitler. Quisling founded a fascist Norwegian party that got money from Hitler. When the German Army invaded Norway on April 9, 1940, Quisling burst into a radio station, proclaimed himself Prime Minister, and ordered the Norwegian people not to resist; but his plan backfired and instead galvanized Norwegian resistance. Lacking popular support, Quisling was no longer useful to Hitler. The Germans finally installed Quisling as Minister-President on February 1, 1942.

Quisling was executed by the Norwegian government after WWII. Today his mansion is a Holocaust museum. The name "Quisling has become synonymous with the word "traitor" because Quisling was Hitler's stooge. Still, he was a pretty ham-handed stooge.

The discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill has his facts wrong on the history of Vidkun Quisling. In Perversions of Justice, Ward Churchill claims that "Quisling...served as head of the puppet government installed in his country by the Nazis after it was occupied in 1940" (Footnote 8, page xxi).

Actually, Quisling was not appointed until 1942. The Nazi attempt to install him after the invasion only galvanized the resistance of the Norwegian people. Norwegians wouldn't serve in his government. Ward Churchill "cites" Paul M. Hayes, the author of Quisling: The Career and Political Ideas of Vidkun Quisling, 1887-1945.

According to Churchill's footnote, Hayes' book was published by Indiana University Press (1972). According to Amazon and Wikipedia, the book was also published by Newton Abbot, David and Charles (1971) and by Indiana University Press in 1972.

In any case, Paul M. Hayes probably did not say that Quisling was installed by the Nazis in 1940, because Wikipedia cites Hayes as the source for its description of Quisling's abortive 1940 coup. A mocking Time article published on April 29, 1940, notes that the London Times pointedly referred to the traitor as "Major Quisling."

The ex-professor Ward Churchill depicts himself as an advocate for Indians, but actually he has often used his bully pulpit at the University of Colorado to denigrate both his own personal Indian enemies and elected Indian officials as "Quislings."

The University of Colorado should have noticed that Ward Churchill's articles and books often smear some Indian people as Quislings. Scholars should not have given Churchill a platform for his anti-Indian agenda, but perhaps they fell for his hypocritical and cunning pro-Indian masquerade. Churchill even claimed he was an Indian so that people wouldn't listen to real Indians.

Ethnic Studies shouldn't be in the business of denigrating Ward Churchill's own personal enemies and elected Indian officials while making saints of those who support his agenda.

For example, in Struggle for the Land (p. 369) Ward Churchill denigrates Indians he doesn't like as "hang around the fort Indians." On pages 369 and 399 he denigrates some Indians as "Vichy Indians." On page 370 he calls some Indian leaders "craven puppets" with "Quisling impulses."

Churchill is denigrating these Indians as Nazi collaborators just like he denigrates the people murdered on 9-11 as "little Eichmanns."

Search "Ward Churchill" Quisling at Google Books, or "Ward Churchill" "Quisling impulses," at Google Books to read Churchill denigrating elected Indian leaders and his personal enemies as Quislings. Search these terms at Google Web to see how this label appears in Churchill's articles and other people's writings.

In his article "I Am Indigenist," (ZNet, 2-27-09), Ward Churchill lists his enemies who "queued up to roster the régimes installed by the U.S. to administer Indian Country from the 1930s onward, the craven puppets who to this day cling to and promote the "lawful authority" of federal force as a means of protecting their positions of petty privilege, imagined prestige, and often their very identities as native people. No, indigenists and indigenism have nothing to do with...Quisling impulses..." [here Churchill lists his enemies].

These smears don't have a lot of credibility with me because I know that Ward Churchill is a Quisling who cut his teeth writing articles for the KGB-sponsored "Covert Action Information Bulletin." In this KGB mouthpiece the Quisling Ward Churchill claimed that the FBI backed death-squads that murdered 342 Indians.

I think we can all probably guess who peer-reviewed those articles!

Read this KGB-sponsored propaganda [Covert Action Information Bulletin, Number 24 (Summer 1985), pp. 16-21] for yourself and decide who is the Quisling, Indians or the white man Ward Churchill.

Read more about the C.A.I.B. in my first post.

Sword and Shield, a book by the British scholar Christopher Andrew and the Soviet defector and KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin, quotes Mitrokhin as saying that the Bulletin was founded "on the initiative of the KGB" and that the KGB supplied the C.A.I.B. with propaganda designed to compromise the CIA. Churchill's article is actually is designed to defame the FBI. [The Sword and Shield pages 232-234; See also my post about the Mitrokhin Archive]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Howling Mob Pursues the Wardo!

The Denver Post (3-10-09) reports:

Ward Churchill's attorney told a Denver jury today that the University of Colorado handed the former professor over to a "howling mob" when they fired him from his tenured position in 2007.

That's funny, because I am positive that Ward Churchill is always writing that we should "rise up" and lynch our elected leaders! I guess no noose is good noose when it comes to Wardo because he wasn't elected; he was a tenured politician.

The Wardo writes:

I have these delightful visions which is what puts me to sleep at night of Madeleine Albright, Jesse Helms, and Henry Kissinger all in a nice neat little row with nooses around their necks and... And the current crop is amply entitled to the same destiny as far as I'm concerned. Do I think anybody's going to do it? Well, that's an interesting question. Who would be doing it? There's only one possible answer: you. We. Us... [audio]---Ward Churchill (3-25-05)

Were the opportunity acted upon in some reasonably good faith fashion – a sufficiently large number of Americans rising up and doing whatever is necessary to force an immediate lifting of the sanctions on Iraq, for instance, or maybe hanging a few of America's abundant supply of major war criminals (Henry Kissinger comes quickly to mind, as do Madeline [sic]Albright, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and George the Elder) – there is every reason to expect that military operations against the US on its domestic front would be immediately suspended. [Ward Churchill, "Some People Push Back."]

You see, Wardo wants us to be a mob if we are his mob.

We aren't a howling mob. We are citizens exercising our free speech and getting slandered just like Churchill slanders Indians who speak up against him.

In Struggle for the Land (p. 369) Ward Churchill denigrates Indians he doesn't like as "hang around the fort Indians." On pages 369 and 399 he denigrates some Indians as "Vichy Indians." On page 370 he calls some Indian leaders "craven puppets" with "Quisling impulses." Churchill is calling these Indians NAZI collaborators just like he calls the 9-11 victims "little Eichmanns."

I get pretty mad when I see elected Indian leaders denigrated in Churchill's books as NAZI stooges and the 9-11 victims denigrated as Eichmanns. These smears don't have a lot of credibility with me because I know that Ward Churchill is a stooge who cut his teeth writing articles for the KGB-sponsored "Covert Action Information Bulletin." In this KGB mouthpiece the stooge claimed that the FBI backed death-squads that murdered 342 Indians.

I think we can all probably guess who peer-reviewed those articles!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ward Churchill Denigrates Indians He Doesn't Like as "Vichy Indians"

Dot-dot-dot Dash!

"We think that the First Amendment issue is a smokescreen," said Ken McConnellogue, spokesman for the CU system. "They are contending that the university investigated [Ward Churchill's] work as retaliation, but he can't use his reputation as a controversial speaker to justify lying and plagiarism in his scholarship."--Boulder Daily Camera (3-7-09)

Tomorrow, Monday March 9, 2009, Ward Churchill's lawsuit against the University of Colorado gets underway. The dishonest scholar was fired for research misconduct and is suing to get his job back. I want the University of Colorado to win this lawsuit.

The Denver Post (3-8-09) reports:

Ward Churchill is heading to court in the hopes of getting back his professor's job at the University of Colorado.

Churchill says C-U fired him in 2007 because of an essay he wrote about the Sept. 11 attacks. His essay said the attacks were triggered by an unjust U-S foreign policy and likened those killed in the World Trade Center to "little Eichmans," a reference to Nazi Adolf Eichman.

Churchill was a tenured professor of ethnic studies.
The university fired Churchill on plagiarism allegations after an investigation that began amid the furor over the Eichmann comment.

Three committees of faculty members from Colorado and other universities accused Churchill of plagiarism, fabrication and other research misconduct.

Ward Churchill can't argue that he is an honest scholar, so this is plan B. He thinks he shouldn't be fired because he has a BIG MOUTH in addition to a BIG LIE.

Just because CU was late noticing that Ward Churchill is a vicious, sick, bully who is always denigrating people doesn't change the fact that "[t]hree committees of faculty members from Colorado and other universities accused Ward Churchill of plagiarism, fabrication and other research misconduct."

The American public finally noticed something was wrong when Ward Churchill denigrated the 9-11 victims by calling them "little Eichmanns." Churchill had published an essay called "Some People Push Back" right after 9-11-01, but the essay only received national publicity in early 2005.

Denigrating victimized people is nothing new for Ward Churchill who also characterizes Indian people who don't kow-tow to his party line as government stooges---"hang around the fort" Indians, " "Vichy Indians," "Quislings," and "puppets."

I think that saying a person is a "little Eichmann and a "Vichy Indian" is pretty much the same thing.

CU should have noticed this kind of smear of Indian people. Scholars should not have given Churchill a platform for his anti-Indian agenda, but I guess they fell for his hypocritical and cunning pro-Indian masquerade. Churchill even claimed he was an Indian so people wouldn't listen to real Indians.

Ethnic studies shouldn't be denigrating Indian people who don't agree with Churchill's politics and making saints of those who support his politics.

In Struggle for the Land (p. 369) Ward Churchill denigrates Indians he doesn't like as "hang around the fort Indians." On pages 369 and 399 he denigrates some Indians as "Vichy Indians." On page 370 he calls some Indian leaders "craven puppets" with "Quisling impulses." Churchill is calling these Indians NAZI collaborators.

When Churchill wrote his essay "Some People Push Back" and called the 9-11 victims "Little Eichmanns," the American people and their leaders got angry and CU had to respond. This politicized the issue.

Still, there must have been some heavy politics that protected Churchill for so long. Politics may well explain why CU scholars didn't listen in 1996 and 1999 when the Sioux legal scholar Dr. LaVelle exposed Ward Churchill's dishonest scholarship. I think Churchill tried to dismiss Dr. LaVelle with some derogatory name like "snot nosed." Dr. LaVelle has a degree from Harvard.

I get pretty mad when I see elected Indian leaders denigrated in Churchill's books as government stooges. These smears don't have a lot of credibility with me because I know that Ward Churchill cut his teeth writing for the KGB-sponsored "Covert Action Information Bulletin." In this KGB mouthpiece Churchill claimed that the FBI backed death-squads that murdered 342 Indians. This lie is nothing but KGB propaganda against the FBI, but it hurts relations between people in our country.

Read this pack of KGB lies [Covert Action Information Bulletin, Number 24 (Summer 1985), pp. 16-21] for yourself and decide who is the government stooge, Indians or the white man Ward Churchill. Read more about this publication in my first post.

A book by the British scholar Christopher Andrew and the Soviet defector Vasili Mitrokhin states that the Soviet KGB supplied the C.A.I.B. with propaganda designed to compromise the American government. [The Sword and Shield pages 232-234; See also my post about the Mitrokhin Archive].

Back by Popular Demand: Ward Churchill Ties His Shoelaces...Together!

“I really have to cite this to people who are capable of tying their shoes without instructions?” ---Ward Churchill

On January 5, 2008, I "deconstructed" (I think) a few paragraphs of Ward Churchill's infamous 9-11 essay "Some People Push Back."

Ward Churchill sure does make a lot of goofy mistakes in his 9-11 essay. Even crazy Snapple can see that! In fact, some "contributor" (heh) to the (now defunct) Maoist MIM site tries to paper-over a few of the more obvious errors. The result is an even bigger mess!

I have gone back and cleaned up my old 1-5-08 post so that the presentation would be less confusing, and I am linking to my old post today because Ward Churchill's lawsuit against the University of Colorado starts tomorrow.

It's really strange that no college professors ever commented on the spelling, chronological, and factual errors in der Perfesser's idiotic essay. If Ward Churchill were an expert on the UN sanctions, he would not have made such retarded mistakes.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

9-11 Victim Aleksandr Ivantsov Helped Bring the Internet to Abakhan, South Siberia

"I had this hope. I saw friends who were crying and I said: `It's only been three days. Let's wait. Miracles do happen.' And they were looking at me like, `Well.' Even in December 2001 I had hope. I even had a tiny little hope in October 2002."--Anna Ivantsov

Aleksandr Ivantsov, an immigrant to America from the city of Abakhan in South Siberia, was only 23 when he was killed on 9-11 in the World Trade Center. According to his bride Anna, her young husband helped bring the Internet to his hometown. I wish I knew more about this bright computer expert from far away Abakhan, the capital of the Republic of Khakassia in South Siberia. [See the official website of Абакан.]

The ignorant, vicious, evil, KGB stooge Ward Churchill--- an academic fraud who denigrates Indian leaders who don't toe his party line as government stooges and who "jokes" in three scholarly books that American mothers should "snuff" their babies and kill themselves to "do the planet a real favor"---characterized Aleksandr as a "Little Eichmann"; but Aleksandr's nickname was Dobriy, which means "a very nice person" in Russian.

Here is the story of Aleksandr as told by his wife, Anna.

Aleksandr used the Internet to land a job as a computer programmer at Cantor Fitzgerald. When he got himself established, he sent for Anna. They were married in 2000, and on 9-11-01, Anna became a widow. Cantor Fitzgerald has a memorial site with a picture of Aleksandr and Anna. Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 people that day, about two-thirds of their employees.

Anna told the New York Times (3-9-03):

..."His e-mail address was his nickname in Russian, Dobriy, which means a very nice person.

For 23 years old, he was very mature. Before I came to New York, every day he would call me and tell me how he was getting ready for me. He was spending all his money calling me!

We were all alone in the whole world here. There were two of us. Nothing else was needed.

We loved dancing. We would take the ferry to Staten Island and go to dance clubs. If I get tired of dancing, he would take me in his arms. We were on our own; we could go anywhere and be independent. It was his character. He liked to be independent." [New York Times, 3-9-03]

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ward Churchill Counted the Number of Books Published about JonBenet Ramsey!

"There are currently no fewer than 24 books in print concerning the Jonbenet Ramsey case."--Discredited ex-Professor and American Indian Movement (AIM) Activist Ward Churchill (Perversions of Justice, (2003) p. 402)

UPDATE (3-24-09): Ward Churchill has a huge stack of his worthless books displayed to impress the jury in his lawsuit against the University of Colorado. I think that even one of Ward Churchill's books is a total waste of resources because it is nothing but a pack of lies.

Ward Churchill expresses compassion for starving Iraqi children in his 9-11 essay "Some People Push Back," but he "jokes" in three of those books displayed in the courtroom that American mothers should "snuff" their babies and kill themselves to "do the planet a real favor." Ward Churchill writes in Perversions of Justice about the garrotted Jonbenet Ramsey in the same paragraph as he writes that the so-called "babykiller" Madeleine Albright should be in a defendants' dock overshadowed by the gallows. Ward Churchill does not love the little children of the world.

Ward Churchill is the one who wastes resources. We are spending millions of taxpayers' dollars cleaning up his toxic spills that pollute the stream of our American History. That's more money than I spent to raise my babies. That's more than was spent on the wealthy JonBenet Ramsey. That's certainly more than is spent on an impoverished Iraqi child or an American Indian child on a reservation.

In Boulder, Colorado, the discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill has counted the number of books about JonBenet Ramsey. He claims that 24 books were published about JonBenet Ramsey. Who knew!

This admission reminds me of the time that Ward Churchill confessed to reading the obituaries of all the 9-11 victims to satisfy his curiosity about their demographics:

[After 9-11] The New York Times shortly began publishing photos and biographical sketches of everyone who died in the Trade Center; I read every one of them, and the demography was about what I'd expected.

On page 370 of his scholarly book Perversions of Justice (2003), The ghoulish Ward Churchill discusses JonBenet Ramsey in the same paragraph as he observes that Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright should face the gallows. The effect is beyond creepy.

The discredited ex-professor thinks there is too much focus on JonBenet in comparison to starving children on Indian reservations and in Iraq. He writes that (in his opinion)
Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright should be hanged. Ward Churchill sometimes has written or said that we should rise up and hang our leaders, but in his Perversions (2003) he says they belong in the dock overshadowed by a gallows:

Every wide-eyed little waif starving to death in Iraq and the reservations of Native North America is of a value identical to that with which a Jonbenet Ramsey or Danielle van Dam is currently imbued. From this realization, had it occurred, one could hope that certain conclusions might accrue, conclusions resulting not just in an American "regime change," but in an alteration of public sensibility that left the likes of Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright sitting where by rights they belong: in a defendants' dock overshadowed by the gallows.

At the very least, it was reasonable to expect that it might at last dawn on average folk that, to quote Georgia State University law professor Natsu Saito, "if Americans want their own kids to be safe again, the way to make it happen is really not very complicated---stop killing other people's babies." (Perversions, p. 370; Note: Natsu Saito is Churchill's current wife.)

Ward Churchill writes in his Perversions (2003) that we should "stop killing other people's babies," but he jokes in three of his other scholarly books that American moms should "snuff" our own babies and ourselves to "do the planet a real favor."

I think Ward Churchill first tells his "snuff" joke in his classic scholarly essay "I Am Indigenist: Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World." Luckily for us, this essay has just been reposted on ZNet (2-27-09). ZNet writes:

This essay is part of the ZNet Classics series. Three times a week we will re-post an article that we think is of timeless importance. This one was first published [on ZNet] September 20, 2000.

In "I Am Indigenist," Ward Churchill writes:

The average resident of the United States, for example, consumes about thirty times the resources of the average Ugandan or Laotian. Since a lot of poor folk reside in the United States, this translates into the average yuppie consuming about seventy times the resources of an average Third Worlder.69 Every yuppie born counts as much as another seventy Chinese.

Lay that one on the next soccer mom who approaches you with a baby stroller and an outraged look, demanding that you to put your cigarette out, eh? It is plainly absurd for any American to complain about smoking when you consider the context of the damage done by overall U.S. consumption patterns. Tell 'em you'll put the butt out when they snuff the kid and not a moment before. Better yet, tell 'em they should snuff themselves, as well as the kid, and do the planet a real favor. Just "kidding" (heh-heh). [Full text]

"I Am Indigenist: Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World" is included as a reading in Ward Churchill's scholarly 1996 book From a Native Son: Selected Essays on Indigenism, 1985-1995. [The classic essay begins on page 509, but unfortunately you can't see Ward Churchill's joke about how we should "snuff" our babies and kill ourselves to "do the planet a real favor" on the Internet.]

In his seminal work Struggle for the Land: Native North American Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and Colonization (2002), the tenured professor Ward Churchill jokes again that we moms should "snuff the kid" and kill ourselves to "do the planet a real favor." You can read Ward's joke in this scholarly work on page 394.

In 2003, the tenured professor Ward Churchill joked yet again that we moms should "snuff the kid" and ourselves to "do the planet a real favor." You can read the tenured professors's very words in Acts of Rebellion: The Ward Churchill Reader on page 296.

This blog often writes about Ward Churchill. We believe in his free speech and in telling the moms, the grandmas, and the young women who have yet to become moms what Ward Churchill says. We want to do them a real favor.

Another recent article about Ward Churchill's joke is posted here.

This blog begins with an article about Ward Churchill called 342 Indians. Ward Churchill claims in this essay, which he published in a KGB mouthpiece, that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 Indians affiliated with the American Indian Movement (AIM) on Pine Ridge Indian reservation during a "reign of terror." Ward Churchill, who frequently smears prominent Indians as "stooges," did a real favor for the KGB when he wrote anti-FBI propaganda for the Covert Action Information Bulletin.

I also have posts about Ward Churchill's late wife, the young Canadian Indian student Leah Kelly. College women might want to read what happened to Leah. They might want to read how Rhonda Kelly, Leah's sister, describes how Leah was abused. This is the second post on my blog, there there is an article with a picture of Leah here, if you scroll down.

Even Ward Churchill admits that he abused his young Indian wife Leah because she was often assaulting him due to her alcoholism and mental illness, which he blamed on the white man's oppression:

"I broke and slammed [my wife] back against our bedroom wall, telling her that if she kept it up, she’d be apt to land in a hospital." ---Ward Churchill [Ward Churchill's Introduction to a book attributed to Leah, In My Own Voice: Explorations In The Sociopolitical Context Of Art & Cinema, page 38.]

Leah Kelly was reportedly struck by a motorist who said she was lying in the road late at night and that he didn't see her. She reportedly had a blood-alcohol level of .35.

According to the Denver Post:

Churchill's third wife, 25-year-old Leah Kelly, was killed May 31, 2000, when hit by a car outside Boulder, and Churchill's biography of her continues to stir bad feelings with her family. Kelly had a blood-alcohol content of 0.35 percent when a motorist came upon her outside of town. He said she was lying in the road and he had no time to stop. Churchill later wrote that her death "left a crater in my soul," but he blamed her alcoholism, and her demise, on the colonial treatment Indians received from white people.

Her family today feels Churchill used Kelly's death to make philosophical points with which they don't agree. He portrayed her family as dysfunctional - a dysfunction he said was caused by her Indian parents' confinement to Indian schools. The family and her Ojibwe tribe dispute those details and Churchill's overall assessment that Leah Kelly was ground down by a white man's system until she became a doomed alcoholic.

"This was a really bright, outgoing (person), and she was absolutely beautiful," her sister Rhonda Kelly said. "I have yet to come across anybody who disliked her."

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Leah Kelly's sister, Rhonda Kelly "said [Leah]...told her that she suffered "psychological abuse" during her marriage to Churchill. She described him as exhibiting "very controlling behaviors"....Churchill, in the wake of Leah Kelly's death, established a fund at CU for Rhonda Kelly's two children and contributed $200. Rhonda Kelly last summer wrote a letter to CU's financial aid office asking that the money be earmarked for a "promising native woman who was or is involved in an abusive relationship. I wish that such an award can assist a woman to leave an abusive relationship before her spirit is broken, as was the case of my sister Leah."

"My sister Leah Renae Kelly had so much promise, but she was involved in an emotionally and mentally abusive marriage, and as a result of feeling that she could not seek real help for fear of having others know of her predicament, she instead turned to alcohol to escape the torment and humiliation in her marital home."

Ward Churchill claims to be an advocate for Indians, but even by his own account he mistreated his Indian wife. I don't believe him when he points the finger at other people and accuses them of abusing Indians.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Procurator-General Yuri Chaika's Bold New Initiative: Criminalizing Great Patriotic War Denial!

The Motherland is Calling! [Родина-мать зовёт!/
Rodina Mat Zovyot!] This monumental statue on Mamayev Hill in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad.

Robert Amsterdam (2-27-09) writes:

Russia wants a Holocaust denial law, "just like the other kids". But it doesn't really want that, so it's had to come up with a surrogate. Let's see... The Holocaust is treated with great solemnity as a horrible human tragedy that happened, as the Russians say, "during the time of the Second world war". What have the Russians got that's similar? Yes! The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Most of our readers are probably aware that while the rest of Europe was busy fighting World War II "during the time of the Second world war", the Soviet Union was engaged in a separate war of its own against Germano-fascist invaders. And the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) is absolutely sacred in all of the former Soviet Union. So, it fits the bill perfectly: solemn, horrible human tragedy, right time in history - but uniquely Russian, unlike the Holocaust.

So Procurator-General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika, instead of doing his job and finding the assassins of journalists and lawyers or fighting corruption or prosecuting skinheads who attack foreigners or soldiers who rape and murder Chechens, has come out with a bold new initiative to declare denial of the Soviet people's "achievements" in the victory in the Great Patriotic War a criminal offense. But is GPW denial really such a big problem in Russia? Anyone who's seen the child honor guards standing in front of eternal flames in even small Russian cities, or the old men and women walking around the streets with chests bedecked in medals, or the massive fireworks displays all over the country on May 9, or the myriad hero-tanks on pedestals in villages, or the massive memorial complexes such as Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd (Stalingrad) or the Piskarevskoye Cemetery in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) or the relatively recently created Poklonnaya Hill complex in Moscow would find it hard to believe that there's any problem at all. Everybody in Russia seems to regard the Great Patriotic War as the greatest event in their country's history, so is there really any need to criminalize something that doesn't even exist? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if Russia were to criminalize Gulag denial instead? [See the full text]

Brian Whitmore of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (3-2-09) comments:

Well, it appears that the liberal Yabloko party had that very idea. On Saturday, Yabloko approved a statement, "The Disavowal of Bolshevism and Stalinism As a Pre-condition for the Modernization of Russia in the 21st Century," which is posted on the party's website.

The statement called for the criminalization of "attempts to justify mass persecutions and the annihilation of millions of innocent people" as well as the "denial of mass persecutions and of actions to eradicate social and ethnic groups." It also called for the banning of organizations that are -- or call themselves -- successors of the Soviet Communist Party or the KGB and its predecessors.

The leader of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alekseyeva, participated in the drafting of the document, as did members of the human rights organization Memorial. Alekseyeva said such a statement was "long overdue for the democratic movement." [Full text]

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dr. Bruce Heiden Questions President Obama's Authorship of "Dreams from My Father"

"[President Obama] doesn't say how these memories turned into the book Dreams from My Father. In particular, he doesn't say he wrote the book. He says that Dreams 'found its way onto these pages' [xvi]...Obama's whole Introduction to Dreams has the odd rhetorical project of persuading the reader that Barack Obama, the author of Dreams from My Father, actually had nothing to do with writing his book and couldn't have written it."---Dr. Bruce Heiden describing the Introduction of President Obama's Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, 2004 paperback edition.

Dr. Heiden, a professor of Greek and Latin at Ohio State University, does not believe that President Obama is the author of his highly-acclaimed 1995 autobiography Dreams from My Father.

I have posted a number of articles about Dr. Jack Cashill, a Ph.D. author who has written a series of articles that also raise questions about the authorship of President Obama's 1995 autobiography Dreams from My Father. Last October, Jack Cashill reviewed Dr. Heiden's thesis here.

Dr. Cashill's articles make the case that that the Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers had a hand in writing the President's autobiography. It would not be the first time that a communist bomber retired, was rehabilitated, and took up ghostwriting. [See the entry on Pavel Sudoplatov in Vadim J. Birstein's The Perversion of Knowledge: The True Story of Soviet Science, pages 423-4; See also footnote 118, page 353]
Billy Ayers was already asked if he had a hand in the President's autobiography, and he didn't flatly deny this possibility. He just called Dr. Cashill "paranoid":

[Barack Obama] is a talented and well-educated and erudite and articulate guy and he wrote two really brilliant and well-written memoirs. But somebody [Jack Cashill] did a textual analysis that proved that the nautical images in Fugitive Days were similar to [Obama's Dreams from My Father] and I was the ghostwriter...It's amazing where the paranoid mind can take you.---Weather Underground Terrorist Billy Ayers (Salon 11-17-08, page 2)

Professor Bruce Heiden has studied the language of the new Introduction in the 2004 paperback edition of Dreams and has compared the new Forward with the original Preface that follows.

Dr. Heiden writes (10-18-08):

Jack Cashill has assembled evidence suggesting that Barack Obama's memoir Dreams from My Father may be the work of a ghostwriter: Obama's Chicago neighbor William Ayers. Obama agrees with Cashill on one important point: in his own Introduction to Dreams, which describes his book's genesis, Obama himself strongly implies that he didn't write it.

According to Obama, he did some writing on another book, not a memoir but "an essay on the limits of civil rights litigation in bringing about racial equality" (xiii; all citations refer to the 2004 paperback edition). This book was never finished, and it doesn't exist. Obama says that his work on the "civil rights litigation" project was aborted by personal memories that forced themselves upon him: "I found my mind pulled..." (xiv). But he doesn't say how these memories turned into the book Dreams from My Father. In particular, he doesn't say he wrote the book. He says that Dreams "found its way onto these pages" (xvi).

Most readers of Dreams have probably assumed that Obama's curiously impersonal description is merely figurative, a display of humility, a modest way of saying that he did write the book the reader has in hand. I have no doubt that Obama hoped the words would be understood that way. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Obama's display of humility is so extreme that although he devotes his Introduction to just a single topic--where Dreams came from--he omits the writing altogether. Instead he replaces the writing of Dreams by a quasi-automatic process whereby memories somehow took form in words and found a way onto the page by themselves. This picture is so fantastic that it can't be taken literally, and therefore can't be suspected of falsehood. In describing a genesis of Dreams that is blatantly impossible, Obama is counting on readers to think, "he can't really mean it," and he leaves it to us to come up with our own idea of what he did mean. That's very convenient for Obama, since in saying, as in essence he does, "this book came into existence without anybody writing it," Obama also implies, "and I, the credited author, didn't write it." Unlike "nobody wrote this book," "I didn't write this book" is not a fantastic statement that cannot mean what it literally says. Lots of people didn't write Dreams from My Father. Maybe Barack Obama is one of them.

Obama's whole Introduction to Dreams has the odd rhetorical project of persuading the reader that Barack Obama, the author of Dreams from My Father, actually had nothing to do with writing his book and couldn't have written it.

..Obama's Introduction to Dreams from My Father is a pretty strange document. But the Preface he affixed to the 2004 reissue is even stranger. Bear in mind that the Preface is printed immediately before the Introduction in the 2004 edition, so that it would not be difficult for anyone to read both of them and compare. Like the Introduction, the Preface also narrates the genesis of Dreams. But Obama seems to have forgotten parts of his own story.

As I mention in the original introduction, the opportunity to write the book came while I was in law school, the result of my election as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. In the wake of some modest publicity, I received an advance from a publisher and went to work with the belief that the story of my family...might speak in some way to the fissures of race, etc. (vii, emphasis added)

The "burst of publicity" that testified to Obama's "modest accomplishments" in the Introduction has here been reduced to "some modest publicity." The "few publishers" who initiated Obama's project when they "called" him have given way to "an advance" (i.e., a cash incentive) that Obama received from "a publisher." But most importantly, Obama's original project (the essay on the limits of civil rights litigation), his project agenda, his work-in-progress, the memories that arose unbidden to overwhelm his theories, his struggle to resist the direction in which those memories were leading him, the final triumph in which his inner journey "found its way onto these pages"--all this has disappeared. According to the 2004 Preface, when Obama received his advance, he already had a "belief" about the story he could tell, and he immediately "went to work."

Obama says he "went to work" on Dreams from My Father, but he still does not say that he wrote it. In the Introduction Obama also said he went to work on his essay about civil rights litigation, and even that he "sat down and began to write." But he never wrote that book, and it doesn't exist. When Obama says in the Preface that he "went to work" on Dreams, it's impossible to know whether this means he started writing the book, started thinking about writing it, or started imagining how to deliver a book to his publisher without writing one. "Went to work" claims only that Obama made some early contribution to the Dreams project as a content-provider, whatever a content-provider might be.

Obama's narrative then skips straight from "went to work" to the completed book's publication. [See the full text]