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CIA Director Michael Hayden on Media Oversight of the CIA

"Our analysts assess with high confidence that al Qaeda's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U.S. homeland...we who study the enemy see a danger more real than anything our citizens at home have confronted since our Civil War."---General Michael Hayden, Director of the CIA (see page 2)

General Michael Hayden, USAF is the Director of the CIA. On September 7, 2007, Hayden gave a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR news briefing (which includes a link to an audio of Hayden's speech) notes:

Hayden described two parallel tracks in the “war on terror”: a “close fight” and a “deep fight.” The former, he said, consists of efforts to destroy an enemy that is “easy to kill, but hard to find and quick to regenerate.” The deep fight “requires winning the war of ideas” by reducing the appeal of jihad ideology to disenchanted young Muslims. Hayden was careful to add, “The war of ideas is not about Islam. It’s about fanatics whose victims most often have been Muslims.”

“This is a form of warfare unlike any other in our country’s history,” he said. “It’s an intelligence war as much as a military one.”

In such a war, Hayden argued, the media and society in general needs to factor the need for secrecy into its view of events.

“A free press is critical to good government,” Hayden said, but he argued that the media should not act as a watchdog over the government’s clandestine services. That role, he said, belongs to Congress. “It’s important to bear in mind that my agency is subject to another oversight mechanism that has full access to our operations and takes our security requirements into account: It’s the people’s representatives in Congress.”

Hayden spoke at length about the often tenuous relationship between his agency and the media. “The duty of a free press is to report the facts as they are found. By sticking to that principle, journalists accomplish a great deal in exposing al-Qaeda and its adherents for what they are.” Hayden decried what he considers poor judgment by journalists seeking to expose CIA practices. “In a war that largely depends on our success in collecting intelligence on the enemy, publishing information on our sources and methods can be just as damaging as revelations of troop or ship movements were in the past.” Furthermore, he complained, such exposure has scared away vital sources and even created rifts between the CIA and other nations’ intelligence services. [full text and link to audio]

According to Arnaud de Borchgrave (Washington Times 9-28-07), Hayden told the CFR:

"Our analysts assess with high confidence that al Qaeda's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U.S. homeland... we who study the enemy see a danger more real than anything our citizens at home have confronted since our Civil War." [full text]

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mad Maoist MIM Foaming at the Mouth over Israel's Raid on Syria

"Mohawk ironworkers helped build the World Trade Center and other monuments of the New York City skyline, and one crew was actually at work in the flight path of the plane that struck the second tower. St. Regis Mohawk Chief James Ransom noted that they joined rescue teams at great personal risk."---Indian Country Today (2-3-05)

Mad Maoist MIM seems to be rationalizing Israel's attack on Syria as a miscalculation. Furthermore, MIM claims that the official 9-11 story is going to "collapse," and that neither Bush nor Hillary Clinton will be able to stop this from happening. MIM claims that the supposed "collapse" of the official 9-11 story will be bad for Israel.

MIM gazes unblinking into his Little Red Book and opines:

"All it takes is a lawsuit by any of a number of people with an interest in the question... If the 9/11 story collapses and suburban soccer-mom [my link] is foaming at the mouth at her Republican club meeting or VFW folks become angry, I$rael will lose out. 9/11 is more important to Amerikans than I$rael looks like I$rael is headed for long-term violent collapse with a one-state solution under the joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations."

Uh huh...

And who is this soccer mom that the Kool-Aid Man is babbling about? Could this be the same environmentally dangerous soccer mom that the former Professor of Ethnic Cleansing
Ward Churchill thinks should "snuff" herself and "the kid" and "do the planet a real favor"?

Wardo claimed he was "just kidding" when he suggested that soccer moms should snuff themselves, but I read Wardo's admission that he abused his late wife, a Canadian Indian named Leah Kelly, and how his understudy Ben Whitmer disparaged Leah's family. It was really ironic that Wardo blamed Leah's alcoholism on the white man's oppression, since Wardo just pretends to be an Indian. Wardo was the only white man oppressing Leah Kelly. Her family says that she began to drink after she was married to Ward Churchill.

I guess Islamists and their communist supporters have the same final solution for their class enemies as Hitler did for the Jewish families whom some German politicians and professors claimed were "polluting" Germany.

Ward Churchill calls the people who were suffocated and burned alive in the infernos of 9-11 "little Eichmanns." Churchill, a proven plagiarist, got this term from an anarchist named John Zerzan. I think that Ward Churchill is the bloodthirsty Eichmann, not the innocent victims of 9-11 whom the malignant Churchill slanders.

Real American Indians were not very happy that Wardo made his despicable little Eichmann remarks while claiming to be an Indian. The Oneida Indian Nation was very offended and observed:

''It's disturbing that anyone would use such hateful speech, and do so while claiming to be an American Indian when there is significant evidence that he is not. Professor Churchill caused many in the media to falsely believe an American Indian scholar could besmirch the lives of those who died on 9/11. Because of this, he owes every American Indian an apology." [Indian Country Today (2-3-05)]

Because of Churchill's assumption of Indian identity, some people may think American Indians are supporting Middle Eastern terrorists. In fact, Mohawk Indians have historically been employed building New York's skyscrapers, not blowing them up!

Indian Country Today (2-3-07) wrote that on 9-11 an Indian construction team was working on one of the towers and even rescued people:

"Mohawk ironworkers helped build the World Trade Center and other monuments of the New York City skyline, and one crew was actually at work in the flight path of the plane that struck the second tower. St. Regis Mohawk Chief James Ransom noted that they joined rescue teams at great personal risk."

Accused Ex-KGB Polonium Terrorist Andrei Lugovoi to Run for Russian Parliament

Picture credit: Litvinenko Justice Foundation

"We are hurtling back into a Soviet abyss, into an information vacuum that spells death from our own ignorance. All we have left is the internet, where information is still freely available. For the rest, if you want to go on working as a journalist, it's total servility to Putin. Otherwise, it can be death, the bullet, poison, or trial - whatever our special services, Putin's guard dogs, see fit."---Anna Politkovskaya

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports (9-17-07) reports:

Andrei Lugovoi, the ex-KGB agent wanted by the Britain on suspicion of killing fellow former agent Aleksandr Litvinenko, says he would like to become president of Russia.

At a congress of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, headed by ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Lugovoi today said he will run for parliament on the party's list in the December 2 vote. When asked if he had other political aspirations, he said he would someday like to become president.

British prosecutors want to extradite Lugovoi to face trial for the poisoning of Litvinenko in London last year. Russia has refused, saying that its constitution bars Lugovoi's extradition.

A seat in parliament would guarantee Lugovoi legal immunity.

Lugovoi told reporters that the events surrounding Litvinenko's death pushed him to enter politics.

He called the charges against him "a vile provocation," and accused the British government of politicizing the investigation.

Note: This blog has written many articles about the poisoning of Aleksandr Litvinenko. Readers can use the search feature at the top left of this blog to search for Litvinenko or polonium. Litvinenko may have been murdered because he accused President Putin and the Russian FSB (KGB) of complicity in the murder the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya and of the bombing of several apartment buildings in Russia. Politkovskaya had been researching these bombings.

Litvinenko contended that the bombings were blamed on the Chechens, used to justify the second Chechen war, and to launch and Putin's Presidency. A lot of people who have tried to get to the bottom of these mass murders of innocent Russians have been murdered.

Zhirinovsky's so-called Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is not liberal, and it is not democratic. It is a xenophobic, extreme nationalist party. Wikipedia notes that Zhirinovsky, a strong supporter of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, is implicated in the Oil for Food scandal:

Zhirinovsky hailed what he described as "the democratic process" in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, whom he supported strongly. The friendship dates at least until the first Gulf War, during which time Zhirinovsky sent several volunteers from the "Falcons of Zhirinovsky" group to support the Iraqi president. Allegations have dogged Zhirinovsky closely since the fall of Baghdad that he personally profited from illicit oil sales as part of the Oil-for Food scandal, a charge investigated in 2005 by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI).

According to RFE/RL (9-18-07):

[Zhirinovsky's] Liberal Democratic Party of Russia held its national pre-election congress in Moscow on September 17, RFE/RL's Russian Service reported the next day (see "RFE/RL Newsline," September 17, 2007). Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky struck an ardent anti-Western and anti-American tone in his address to the gathering, saying that Russia is surrounded by enemies and in a state of civil war. The party's No. 2 candidate, businessman, and former security agent Andrei Lugovoi, who is a suspect in the November 2006 murder in London of former Russian security officer Aleksandr Litvinenko, told reporters after the congress that he might consider being the party's candidate in the March 2008 presidential election. Zhirinovsky noted that his party has "always supported those who wear epaulettes" [ie KGB officers]. He said that the "chekist" or intelligence officer, is a symbol of the struggle between Russia and a hostile West. [See news item titled "LDPR KICKS OFF DUMA CAMPAIGN"]

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Renowned Lakota Journalist Tim Giago Tells the Truth about the Murder of Anna Mae Aquash

Picture credit

"Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, a Mi'kmaq Indian from Canada, was brutally murdered in 1975. Her murder can only be described as a conspiracy and a cover-up by the American Indian Movement."---Tim Giago

I have posted many articles on my blog about the June 26, 1975 murders of the two FBI agents on Pine Ridge Indian reservation and about the subsequent murder the following winter of a Canadian Indian woman and mother of two, Anna Mae Aquash. Readers can type "Aquash" into the search feature at the top left of this site.

The renowned Lakota journalist Tim Giago grew up in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Mr. Giago founded the Lakota Times in 1981. His newspaper was firebombed and its windows were shot out three times. Mr. Giago received many death threats, and once someone even tried to kill him while he operated his newspaper on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

In 1992, The Lakota Times was re-named Indian Country Today. For 18 years, Mr. Giago served as editor and publisher and built his paper into the largest independent Indian newspaper in America. Mr. Giago started the Lakota Journal in 2000 and served as its editor and publisher until his retirement in 2004. Mr. Giago was the founder and the first president of the Native American Journalists Association and a 1991 Nieman Fellow at Harvard. [See Mr. Giago's full biography here]

On August 30, 2007, Mr. Giago wrote an article in the Huffington Post about the 1976 murder of Anna Mae Aquash, a young Canadian Indian woman.

According to Mr. Giago, Aquash's murder "can only be described as a conspiracy and a cover-up by the American Indian Movement."

Giago writes:

"One man, Arlo Looking Cloud, an Oglala Lakota, and a member of AIM, is serving life in prison for her murder while his accomplice, the man he accused of pulling the trigger, John "Boy" Graham, a native of the Yukon in Canada, is awaiting extradition to the United States to stand trial.

Looking Cloud and Graham, in the parlance of the Mafia, were foot soldiers. They did not make the decisions of life and death but they were merely the tools that carried out the orders of their superiors. After 32 years have passed, who gave the order to kill Ms. Aquash? Who are these conspirators?

Anna Mae was murdered on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Her body was discovered on February 24, 1976. The higher ups in AIM immediately placed the blame on the Federal Bureau of Investigation and then set their propaganda machine in motion to shift the focus of the investigation away from themselves...

The mainstream media made heroes of the occupiers of Wounded Knee. They became legends in their own minds. Even today there is still talk among the Lakota people of Pine Ridge that some terrible things took place within the AIM camp at Wounded Knee. There were rumors of other murders within the confines of the encampment. There was talk of the rape of young white and Indian women at the camp. One Lakota elder, fluent in the Lakota language, said during the occupation, "All they do is smoke dope and make the women take their pants down." There is a strong suspicion among some Pine Ridge residents that there are other bodies buried in secret graves at Wounded Knee including the body of an African American man named Perry Ray Robinson who apparently entered the camp at Wounded Knee in 1973 and has not be seen or heard from since...

Some of the leadership suspected Aquash of being an FBI informant. She was held captive by members of AIM in the Denver home of Troy Lynn Yellowwood for a short time and then in February of 1975 [1976?] she was tied up, placed in the trunk of a car owned by Theda Clark and transported to the reservation where, it is alleged, several members of AIM, including their attorney Bruce Ellison and a former correspondent for the Rapid City Journal, Candy Hamilton, observed her as a captive at the home of Bill Means shortly before she was taken to a lonely rode near the village of Wanblee and executed. Looking Cloud, Graham and Theda Clark were with her when she died...

At an AIM conference held in Farmington, N.M. in 1975, Leonard Peltier was assigned the task of confronting Aquash and accusing her of being an FBI informant, according to an interview by Peter Matthiessen. Peltier was later convicted of the murder of FBI Special Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams near Oglala. He has maintained his innocence, but in her testimony at the Looking Cloud trial Ka-Mook Banks, the wife of Dennis Banks, and an AIM insider, said she was present when Peltier acknowledged killing the FBI agents by pointing his finger like a gun. She testified that Peltier said, 'The 'MF' was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway'....

For every violent death on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the 1970s, AIM has pointed the finger of blame at the FBI, and at the duly elected tribal government of Dick Wilson. Over the years Wilson was mercilessly castigated and vilified by AIM and the mainstream media, and the government of the Oglala Sioux Tribe was labeled as 'goons.'

Too many movies and too many books have glorified AIM and told only one side of the story. It would be a terrible miscarriage of justice if only the foot soldiers are prosecuted and not those that gave the order to murder Anna Mae or those that knew about it and failed to prevent it or to report it." [full text]

Mad Maoist MIM on Terrorism and WMD

In his 9-11-07 post, Ward Churchill's advocate the Maoist MIM opined:

"People who wanted to get tough on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction would get tough on capitalism."

MIM is such an idiot! Communists are the biggest capitalists of all! The ruling communist parties own everything---the people, the property, the media, the government, the police, the army--- all in the name of "the people," who never get to vote. [video]

Communist governments are maintained by terrorism, and their economic experiments and secret police are weapons of mass destruction.

Mao was an economic retard, an ignorant nut job who tried to make every village self-sufficient in steel. His stupid policies lead to the deaths of 70 million Chinese people.

Here's a joke MIM! You can add it to your...ahem,"humor page"!

What do you get if you google Ward Churchill 118,000?

Answer: a sick puppy

MIM also posted an article that repeated conspiracy theories about 9-11. At the end of the article, MIM posted Osama Bin Laden's 9-7-07 speech. Osama's understanding of history is as pathetic as MIM's.

Obviously, Osama did not really take school seriously. His analysis is nothing but simplistic propaganda. It seems he gets his historical analysis from that California drop-out Adam Gadahn. And despite his dyed beard, Osama still does not cut a stylish figure. I can't seem to forget that picture of the teenaged Osama in Falun, Sweden: an awkward, 14-year-old fashion disaster in a lime-green shirt and blue bell-bottoms. [See "The Making of Bin Laden" from The Observer.]

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Israeli Commandos Seize North Korean Nuclear Material in Raid on Syria

"Tensions between Israel and Syria heated up this month over reports of an Israeli airstrike in northern Syria on Sept.6. Foreign media say the Israeli target was either arms meant for Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon or a joint Syrian-North Korean nuclear project. Syria has denied both but announced an incursion, but Israel has refused to comment."---Washington Post (9-23-07)

According to news accounts based on anonymous Israeli and American sources, Syria has been receiving unidentified nuclear materials from North Korea. Here is a chronology of Syria's nuclear program. The recently renamed "James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies" (CNS) has a lot of information about WMD programs.

The London Times (9-23-07) reports:

Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel bombed it this month, according to informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem.

The attack was launched with American approval on September 6 after Washington was shown evidence the material was nuclear related, the well-placed sources say.

They confirmed that samples taken from Syria for testing had been identified as North Korean...

Israeli special forces had been gathering intelligence for several months in Syria, according to Israeli sources. They located the nuclear material at a compound near Dayr az-Zwar in the north.

Evidence that North Korean personnel were at the site is said to have been shared with President George W Bush over the summer...

Diplomats in North Korea and China believe a number of North Koreans were killed in the strike...[full text]

The Times (9-23-07) also reports:

ISRAELI commandos from the elite Sayeret Matkal unit – almost certainly dressed in Syrian uniforms – made their way stealthily towards a secret military compound near Dayr az-Zawr in northern Syria. They were looking for proof that Syria and North Korea were collaborating on a nuclear programme...

The operation was personally directed by Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, who is said to have been largely preoccupied with it since taking up his post on June 18.

It was the ideal mission for Barak, Israel’s most decorated soldier and legendary former commander of the Sayeret Matkal, which shares the motto “Who Dares Wins” with Britain’s SAS and specialises in intelligence-gathering deep behind enemy lines...

Critics of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, believe he has shown poor judgment since succeeding his father Hafez, Syria’s long-time dictator, in 2000. According to David Schenker, of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, he has provoked the enmity of almost all Syria’s neighbours and turned his country into a “client” of Iran...

The unusual silence about the airstrikes amazed Israelis, who are used to talkative politicians. But it did not surprise the defence community. “Most Israeli special operations remain unknown,” said a defence source...

[Q]uestions remain about the precise nature of the material seized and about Syria’s intentions. Was Syria hiding North Korean nuclear equipment while Pyongyang prepared for six-party talks aimed at securing an end to its nuclear weapons programme in return for security guarantees and aid? Did Syria want to arm its own Scuds with a nuclear device?

Or could the material have been destined for Iran as John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, has suggested? And just how deep is Syrian and North Korean nuclear cooperation anyway?...

“If it is proved that Kim Jong-il sold fissile material to Syria in breach of every red line the Americans have drawn for him, what does that mean?” asked one official. The results of tests on whatever the Israelis may have seized from the Syrian site could therefore be of enormous significance. [full text]

The London Times (9-16-07) reports:

But why would nuclear material be in Syria? Known to have chemical weapons, was it seeking to bolster its arsenal with something even more deadly?

Alternatively, could it be hiding equipment for North Korea, enabling Kim Jong-il to pretend to be giving up his nuclear programme in exchange for economic aid? Or was the material bound for Iran, as some authorities in America suggest?

According to Israeli sources, preparations for the attack had been going on since late spring, when Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, presented Olmert with evidence that Syria was seeking to buy a nuclear device from North Korea.

The Israeli spy chief apparently feared such a device could eventually be installed on North-Korean-made Scud-C missiles.

“This was supposed to be a devastating Syrian surprise for Israel,” said an Israeli source. “We’ve known for a long time that Syria has deadly chemical warheads on its Scuds, but Israel can’t live with a nuclear warhead.”

An expert on the Middle East, who has spoken to Israeli participants in the raid, told yesterday’s Washington Post that the timing of the raid on September 6 appeared to be linked to the arrival three days earlier of a ship carrying North Korean material labelled as cement but suspected of concealing nuclear equipment.

The target was identified as a northern Syrian facility that purported to be an agricultural research centre on the Euphrates river. Israel had been monitoring it for some time, concerned that it was being used to extract uranium from phosphates.

...Once the mission was under way, Israel imposed draconian military censorship and no news of the operation emerged until Syria complained that Israeli aircraft had violated its airspace. Syria claimed its air defences had engaged the planes, forcing them to drop fuel tanks to lighten their loads as they fled.

But intelligence sources suggested it was a highly successful Israeli raid on nuclear material supplied by North Korea.

Washington was rife with speculation last week about the precise nature of the operation. One source said the air strikes were a diversion for a daring Israeli commando raid, in which nuclear materials were intercepted en route to Iran and hauled to Israel. Others claimed they were destroyed in the attack.

There is no doubt, however, that North Korea is accused of nuclear cooperation with Syria, helped by AQ Khan’s network. John Bolton, who was undersecretary for arms control at the State Department, told the United Nations in 2004 the Pakistani nuclear scientist had “several other” customers besides Iran, Libya and North Korea.

Some of his evidence came from the CIA, which had reported to Congress that it viewed “Syrian nuclear intentions with growing concern”.

“I’ve been worried for some time about North Korea and Iran outsourcing their nuclear programmes,” Bolton said last week. Syria, he added, was a member of a “junior axis of evil”, with a well-established ambition to develop weapons of mass destruction.

...The triangular relationship between North Korea, Syria and Iran continues to perplex intelligence analysts. Syria served as a conduit for the transport to Iran of an estimated £50m of missile components and technology sent by sea from North Korea. The same route may be in use for nuclear equipment.

By its actions, Israel showed it is not interested in waiting for diplomacy to work where nuclear weapons are at stake.

As a bonus, the Israelis proved they could penetrate the Syrian air defence system, which is stronger than the one protecting Iranian nuclear sites. [full text]

Will the University of Colorado Background Checks Include Fingerprinting?

The Silver and Gold Record, the faculty newspaper of the University of Colorado at Boulder, reports:

"A revised CU-Boulder employment background check policy now requires that criminal history background checks be done for all new faculty and staff, current UCB employees who are promoted or transferred, and some student hires. The new policy was approved by the chancellor's cabinet on Sept. 10 and by UCB Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson on Sept. 12, and was effective immediately."

The University announced its new policy in a document called "Background Checks for Applicants for Employment."

I think it is a good idea for educational institutions to make sure that their teachers and staff are not criminals or predators. In my opinion, universities should require that their employees have their fingerprints sent to the FBI, too. Teachers all over America have to do this already, so why should university employees be any different?

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

This picture is taken from Front Page Magazine.

The terrified young Iranian girl in this photo was buried alive and then stoned to death for alleged sexual offenses.

This unnamed Iranian teenager is the poster child for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (October 22-26, 2007).

Meanwhile, the President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran---a man who oppresses his people, arms our terrorist enemies, kills our soldiers, and kidnaps our diplomats, citizens, and scholars---will be a guest of Columbia University so he can enjoy free speech.

Columbia is giving aid and comfort to a kidnapper and a murderer. Columbia says Ahmadinejad's views will be challenged by young Columbia students. What do young American college kids know about what goes on in Iran? Can young Iranian students challenge and debate Ahmadinejad?

Ahmadinejad has been killing a lot of Iranian people lately. Will the Columbia students confront him with these terrible crimes? Did Columbia ever consider that giving him a respectable platform for his views is saying to all these murdered people and their relatives and friends? And what about all the Iraqis and Americans killed by the Iranian IEDs.

Doesn't the kidnapper-terrorist Ahmadinejad already enjoy free speech in Iran? Can't he buy or coerce enough media and scholars in the Middle East? I think Columbia should have invited a girlfriend of the murdered teenager or the spouses of Americans who have been imprisoned or who have disappeared in Iran.

Meanwhile, I have heard on the news that Columbia doesn't allow ROTC on the campus, so I don't believe Columbia supports free speech. I don't believe this is about dialogue or diplomacy. This is about hating America and supporting our enemies. And often there is money involved, too.

Increasingly, American academics only allow some perspectives to have free speech. They are sympathetic to the terrorists' perspective and don't care at all about our soldiers or about the terrorists' kidnapped and murdered victims.

Ward Churchill, the long-time communist and terrorist mouthpiece who wants "more 9-11s," has said that Americans should rise up and lynch their elected leaders. He says soldiers should "frag" (throw a grenade at) their officers.

Churchill denigrated the 9-11 victims as "little Eichmanns." This is exactly what Churchill did when he mocked and denigrated two FBI agents who were murdered at Pine Ridge Indian reservation by comparing them to General Custer.

Churchill has even suggested that American mothers "snuff" their children and kill themselves. Ward Churchill is an abusive man who admits that he physically abused his young Indian wife Leah Kelly. Leah's sister says that Churchill once tried to push Leah out of a moving car. Leah was killed when she was run over by a car on Arapahoe Road late one night. The newspaper said that Leah was lying in the road drunk and the driver didn't see her.

These are just a few of the reasons why I began to think that there might be some connection between Churchill's Colorado American Indian Movement (AIM) and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. If you are interested, my blog starts here. It is very complicated, but one of Churchill's historical fabrications may be a clue to solving this murder. Readers need to read the blog starting at the beginning.

Some American academics don't care at all about defending abused and murdered girls in America or in the Middle East. They also hate the men and women who defend our liberties at home and abroad. I know that from studying Ward Churchill. Some academics are not defending freedom; they are bloodthirsty defenders of violent tyrants. Some academics even take money from these political criminals.

Academics would be affronted if ordinary Americans used their "free speech" irresponsibly to advocate that radical academics be incinerated, lynched, or stoned to death. They would be enraged if these ordinary Americans went further and advocated that academics' children should be "snuffed." Yet that's what Ward Churchill advocates for Americans and their children. He advocates the same kind of cruel torture and murder as Iran's ruling psychopath President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the sadistic former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

Even though he denies his citizens free speech, Columbia is defending the "free speech" of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. He is a tyrant who is holding Americans hostage, killing young American and Iraqi soldiers, policemen, and civilians every day in Iraq. Will the families of these people be invited to confront Ahmadinejad with his crimes?

Would an ordinary American who advocated terrorist violence against the Dean of Columbia be given a platform at Columbia? Would an ordinary American who advocated terrorist violence against Ward Churchill be given a platform at the University of Colorado?

I know that universities don't care about defending the liberties of ordinary Americans. For years, the University of Colorado ignored the complaints of ordinary people when they came forward and disclosed Ward Churchill's threats and violence.

Ward Churchill howled to the press when someone allegedly vandalized his parked truck. He complained about the e-mails he got after his 9-11 article "Some People Push Back" became known. Yet he cheered the incineration of New Yorkers, advocated the lynching politicians, celebrated the murder of FBI agents, and wrote about "snuffing" American mothers and babies to protect the environment.

When Ward Churchill says, "it may be that more 9/11s are necessary," he gets paid thousands of dollars at our American universities. Who is paying Churchill's fee?

Ahmadinejad---who says that Israel should not be allowed to exist, who is arming our terrorist enemies, who is murdering our soldiers, who is holding American citizens hostage---is given a platform at Columbia. He denies other people free speech, but Columbia gives him a platform.

I think Columbia is aiding and abetting a kidnapper and a murderer.

Here is what David Horowitz writes about the purpose of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week:

The plight of Muslim women will be featured at “teach-in” panels and also at sit-ins in Women’s Studies Departments, designed to protest the absence of courses that focus on Islamic gynophobia. The silence of Women’s Studies departments in the face of this oppression is a national outrage. College students are offered the opportunity to study the “oppression” of women in Boston and Beverly Hills in hundreds of Women’s Studies courses across America. But there is not a single course we are aware of that addresses the real oppression of women in Teheran and Riyadh. In Saudi Arabia, to take one horrendous example, Saudi police recently shot to death schoolgirls who were fleeing a burning building without their veils. Better that they should be dead than seen. A pamphlet on the subject of women’s oppression in Islam, written by Robert Spencer and Phyllis Chesler will be distributed on campuses (and posted on Frontpage next week), along with a petition protesting the campus blackout of this issue.

Many campuses will show the uncut version of the ABC miniseries The Path to 9/11, which has been suppressed by ABC under pressure from the Clintons in order to help Hilary’s presidential run. This is the most spectacular episode of political censorship in recent memory. It is also relatively unreported, although the Los Angeles Times carried an informative story which you can read here. The Path to 9/11 was a film that cost $40 million to make and was seen by 28 million viewers, yet ABC has refused to release the DVD. Other films being shown during the Week are Obsession, Suicide Killers, Islam: What the West Needs to Know, Islam v. Islam and Chris Burgard’s Border.

The purpose of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is as simple as it is critical: to confront the two Big Lies of the political left: that George Bush created the "war on terror" and that global warming is a greater danger to Americans than global jihad and Islamic supremacism.

Nothing could be more politically incorrect than to point out these unpleasant facts. But nothing could be more important for American students to hear. In the face of the greatest danger Americans have ever confronted, the academic left has mobilized to create sympathy for the enemy and to fight anyone who rallies Americans to defend themselves.

Already, CAIR and the Muslim Students Association -- which are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas -- are planning to hold counter- demonstrations during the Week called “Peace Not Prejudice.” Since the Islamic radicals whom these organizations represent and defend are among the most prejudiced people on earth, and since their own sponsoring organizations, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, have declared a global war against the West, this can only be regarded as high-order satire. The Muslim Students Association is welcome to sign our petition denouncing Islamo-Fascism and defending the dignity of all individuals, infidels included. It can be accessed here.

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is a protest against the censorship that has come to America, and whose chief enforcer is the progressive left. Anyone who links Islamic radicalism to the terrorist campaigns that are being waged against America, Europe and Israel and against non-radical Muslims in places such as Darfur, is automatically labeled an “Islamophobe.” It is by this means that the enemy seeks to paralyze the defenses of its intended victims. The progressive left is the enabler and abettor of the terrorist jihad. It has forged an “unholy alliance” with the most retrograde and reactionary forces in the world today. The institutional base of the left is the university system, from whose classrooms it is conducting a behind-the-lines psychological warfare campaign against its own countrymen and the democratic, secular and tolerant society they have created. It is time for Americans to rally in their own defense and answer the corrosive lies and libels whose goal is to sap their will to fight. Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is the beginning of that answer and the first line of that defense.

David Horowitz

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Some Soccer Moms Push Back!

Picture of twin towers of Birkenau crematorium (1943).

"If I am ever really in power, the destruction of the Jews will be my first and most important job. As soon as I have power, I shall have gallows after gallows erected, for example, in Munich on the Marienplatz-as many of them as traffic allows. Then the Jews will be hanged one after another, and they will stay hanging until they stink. They will stay hanging as long as hygienically possible. As soon as they are untied, then the next group will follow and that will continue until the last Jew in Munich is exterminated. Exactly the same procedure will be followed in other cities until Germany is cleansed of the last Jew!"---Adolf Hitler

Hitler believed an ignorant, stupid lie---that a Jewish conspiracy was controlling the world and oppressing the German people. Hitler's "Final Solution" to Europe's so-called "Jewish problem" was to murder all the Jews. But he didn't stop there. Hitler got all kinds of people killed.

"One of the things I’ve suggested is that it may be that more 9/11s are necessary. This seems like such a no-brainer..."---Ward Churchill
Ward Churchill and Osama Bin Laden both believe an ignorant, stupid lie---that American democracy and capitalism are responsible for all the world's ills. Bin Laden even calls his 9-7-07 speech "The Solution." Bin Laden believes the solution to the "problem" of America is for all Americans to convert to Islam or be killed. So far, Osama's Al Qaeda mostly kills Muslims who don't toe his Islamofascist party line.
Ward Churchill also has a similar "solution" to the "problem" of America: We have to destroy our capitalist democracy and hang our elected leaders or be killed. The historical fabricator and plagiarist Ward Churchill told Satya Magazine (April 2004):
"One of the things I’ve suggested is that it may be that more 9/11s are necessary. This seems like such a no-brainer..."
If we believe the lies of sick, stupid conspiracists like Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden, Mao, and Ward Churchill, we will be collaborating in the destruction of our own country and people. Conspiracists are only capable of destroying societies and people; they can't build a society that any normal person would want to live in. This seems like such a no-brainer, but for some reason people keep believing violent, ignorant, hair-brained conspiracists.
Ward Churchill claims that he cares about the health and safety of brown children in Iraq, but I never heard Profe$$or Wardo complain that $addam was $tealing his nation's oil money to build his palaces and pay-off his foreign propagandi$t$.
I never heard Profe$$or Wardo complain that $addam was starving and murdering Iraqi people.
When $addam tortured and even deliberately murdered Iraqi children, for some reason, Profe$$or Wardo was silent. Nobody saw Profe$$or Wardo "bearing 'moral witness' as vast legions of brown-skinned five-year-olds sat shivering in the dark, wide-eyed in horror, whimpering as they expired in the most agonizing ways imaginable."
No doubt our $cholar was too busy on the home-front, "crunching the number$" so that he could save our planet from being overrun by soccer moms and their children.
Profe$$or Wardo didn't criticize $addam. Probably that's because AIM used to get "substantial contributions" from the $addam-controlled Baathi$t Party.
If Profe$$or Wardo really cared for children, he would not be making so-called jokes about how Yuppie American "soccer moms" should "snuff" their children and themselves and "do the planet a favor." For $ome rea$on, Profe$$or Wardo is denigrating and targeting American mothers and children for destruction, just as Hitler's propagandist Goebbels once denigrated and targeted the "greedy" Jews who were "polluting" Germany. Finally, the murderer of Jewish children Joseph Goebbels even murdered his own young children.
Profe$$or Wardo---a man who ha$ become wealthy by publi$hing lie$ and penning propaganda for a KGB mouthpiece--- reveals a contempt for humanity reminiscent of Goebbels when he $cribbles his ignorant and vicious environmental impact $tatement for the planet. According to Profe$$or Wardo's "scientific" calculations, America's "soccer moms" and their evil spawn are endangering the ecology of Mother Earth:
"The other aspect of population I want to take up is that there is another way of counting. One way, the way I just did it, and the one that is conventionally done, is to simply point to the number of bodies or “people units.” That is valid enough as far as it goes, but it does not really go far enough. This brings up the second method, which is to count by relative rate of resource consumption per body—the relative degree of environmental impact per individual—and to extrapolate this into people units.
Using this method, which is actually more accurate in ecological terms, we arrive at conclusions that are a little different than the usual notion that the most overpopulated regions on earth are in the Third World. The average resident of the United States, for example, consumes about thirty times the resources of the average Ugandan or Laotian. Since a lot of poor folk reside in the United States, this translates into the average yuppie consuming about seventy times the resources of an average Third Worlder.69 Every yuppie born counts as much as another seventy Chinese.
Lay that one on the next soccer mom who approaches you with a baby stroller and an outraged look, demanding that you to put your cigarette out, eh? It is plainly absurd for any American to complain about smoking when you consider the context of the damage done by overall U.S. consumption patterns. Tell ’em you’ll put the butt out when they snuff the kid and not a moment before. Better yet, tell ’em they should snuff themselves, as well as the kid, and do the planet a real favor. Just “kidding” (heh-heh)." ["I Am Indigenist"]

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ahmadinejad's Aura from Allah

Picture credit: A jaunty Ahmadinejad sporting this season's Aura from Allah.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is coming to New York on September 24, 2007 to attend the United Nations General Assembly. The Iranian President will deliver a speech to the General Assembly and meet with other heads of state, Iranian representatives at the UN, and Iranians living in the US.

Ahmadinejad then will fly to Venezuela for a meeting with his good buddy President Hugo Chavez.

After his first visit to the United Nations on September 2005, Ahmadinejad confided to an Iranian cleric that someone told him that during his speech at the U.N. that he was "surrounded by a divine halo" and that all the world's leaders focused their attention on him. [video]

Ahmadinejad explained, "I also felt that, and I sensed that the atmosphere had suddenly changed and that all the leaders did not even blink for about 27 or 28 minutes, and I'm not exaggerating." [full text]

Some experts believe that Ahmadinejad thinks he is the Mahdi, the prophesied redeemer of Islam. [video]

The Eichmann Unmasked!

[After 9-11] "The New York Times shortly began publishing photos and biographical sketches of everyone who died in the Trade Center; I read every one of them, and the demography was about what I'd expected."--Ward Churchill, former Professor of Ethnic Cleansing

Picture of twin towers of Birkenau crematorium (1943). Zyklon-B poison gas pellets (a cyanide compound) were tossed into the "shower" through a window on the outside wall of the gas chamber.
"How's about we feed a cyanide cocktail to your kids?"
[This comment from a demonstrator at the Newmont Mining protest in Denver was allegedly overheard and then repeated with approval by C.U. Boulder's Professor of Ethnic Cleansing "Wansee" Whitmer.]

"Tell ’em [the mothers] you’ll put the butt out when they snuff the kid and not a moment before. Better yet, tell ’em they should snuff themselves, as well as the kid, and do the planet a real favor. Just 'kidding' (heh-heh)."---Ward Churchill

Picture: Nazi Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann on trial. Eichmann was kidnapped from Argentina in 1960 and taken to Israel where he was put on trial for crimes against humanity.
By the end of the Nuremburg Trials (convened November 20, 1945), Eichmann was identified as "the man in charge of the extermination program against the Jews."
According to the terrorists' tapemaker Ward Churchill, the 9-11 victims, whom Wardo defamed as "little Eichmanns," deserved to die because of their demographics:
"The New York Times shortly began publishing photos and biographical sketches of everyone who died in the Trade Center; I read every one of them, and the demography was about what I'd expected." [See the article here.]
Here is a post that recounts a number of moronic statements that Ward Churchill has made about Karl Adolf Eichmann--such as "Eichmann primarily arranged train schedules."
Here is the list of the innocent 9-11 victims who were incinerated by Osama Bin Laden and his collaborators on 9-11. They are our friends, our neighbors, our fellow countrymen, and the citizens of many foreign nations. You can read their biographies and even leave a remembrance.
Ward Churchill claims that he looked at the demographics of every single person on this list. Most Americans know it is wrong to send a human being up a smokestack based on his race, but not Ward Churchill.
Wardo is the vicious Eichmann---a drooling racist thug and a shill for despotic regimes and terrorists---who masquerades as an advocate for Indian rights. Yeah, right!
Ward Churchill makes his living by dehumanizing Americans. He even falsified the scholarship of honest scholars to make his case that the U.S. Army deliberately infected the Mandan Indians with Smallpox.
Allegations that the Americans use biological warfare are a staple of communist propaganda and probably have thier origins in the ignorant Midieval anti-semitic libels about Jews poisoning wells and causing the plague.
Since Ward Churchill publishes anti-FBI slanders in a "peer reviewed" journal, that KGB mouthpiece, The Covert Action Information Bulletin, it is no surprise that he also fabricates allegations about Americans poisoning Indians.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Two Speeches: Michael Chertoff and Osama Bin Laden Deliver Speeches to the American People

"Burning Living Beings is forbidden in our religion."--Osama Bin Laden

On September 5, 2007, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security.

According to Secretary Chertoff, not only foreign terrorists like Osama Bin Laden threaten our country, but also homegrown terrorists.

It even turns out that our satellites are being used by the Department of Homeland Security to protect our people from both natural disasters and terrorists who may be operating in our country. I think it's a great idea, but the Democrats are against it. The Democrats claim they are protecting my civil liberties, but I think the Democrats are protecting the terrorists and putting my life and liberty at risk.

The psychopathic lunatic Osama Bin Laden followed with a bizarre video speech on September 7, 2007. The video speech sported a creepy title reminiscent of Karl Adolf Eichmann: "The Solution." To us, Osama sounds delusional, and his grasp of history appears shallow, one sided, and ignorant; but many Muslims follow this charismatic leader. He is a formidable, persuasive enemy. We thought Hitler was a "nut case" too, but many Germans
followed this charismatic mass-murderer. [See SITE Institute transcript of OBL's 9-7-07 speech and a video link at the Counterterrorism Blog.]

This denizen of a cave or a mud hut instructed Americans to abandon Christianity and capitalism and embrace Islam. He accused the U.S. of genocide. He raved about global warming and globalism. He said that Americans should liberate themselves from the shackles of capitalism and globalism because it is fueling wars. What should we call Osama's half baked ideology, Islammunism?

He compared President Bush to Leonid Brezhnev and claimed that the American "empire" is about to collapse like the USSR's did. Osama even opined that corporate interests killed John F. Kennedy because Kennedy considered pulling out of the Vietnam War.

Osama actually claimed, not very sincerely, that "the morality and the culture of the holocaust is your culture, not our culture. In fact, burning living beings is forbidden in our religion."

Even the CIA at its most cunning could never cook up anything as bizarre and Swiftian as Osama's farcial claim that "burning living beings is forbidden in our religion."

Osama tells us to read the anti-semite Noam Chomsky, and he seems to have familiarized himself with the rants of the historical fabricator and former Professor of Ethnic Cleansing Ward Churchill when he claims:

"The genocide of peoples and their holocausts took place at your hands: only a few specimens of Red Indians were spared, and just a few days ago the Japanese observed the 62nd anniversary of the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by your nuclear weapons."

I had to keep checking my computer to make sure that I wasn't reading Mein Kampf by C.U. Boulder's Professor of Ethnic Cleansing Ben "Wansee" Whitmer or Security Minister on MIM.

And no wonder! Some analysts think that much of Osama's latest juvenilia was composed by that twenty-something misfit, the American traitor and terrorist Adam Gadahn.

Rohan Gunaratna, author of Inside Al Qaeda warns:

"Osama's call to the Americans to convert to Islam is indicative of an al Qaeda attack on US targets. Before the Prophet (Mohammad) attacked his enemies he urged his opponents to embrace Islam."

"Osama is presenting Koranic injunctions before planning to attack."

Saudi Professor Khalid Al-Dakhil warns:

"There was a US report warning of a possible attack, then came this. The whole message is focused on the United States ... this suggests that there is a threat."

"The more important thing is the message that leaving Iraq, which appears more likely now, will not solve the problem."

Amr El-Choubaki, an expert on Islamic movements claims:

"There's nothing new there, except for... when he called on the US to convert to Islam. In my opinion that's different from his earlier statements that contained a political dimension, references to oppression, and contained language that was broader than direct religious creedal language."

"I think it suggests a return to a closed and impossible understanding of religion."

"I think when there's impossible talk floated it reflects a crisis in discourse... It's clear his influence within the al Qaeda organisation... is now limited, so the impossible discourse comes to the forefront because it costs nothing. No one's going to ask him how he plans to convert the US, and with what means. But when he talks about specific objectives, that he'll attack this area, or that the US will withdraw from Iraq in a month... there people will expect results. So it's clear he's not capable of achieving anything possible, so he's switched to impossible discourse, which no one can call him out on."

M.J. Gohel, of the Asia-Pacific Foundation in London, mocks Osama's masquerade and describes the wording and sentiments of his speech as "those of a rebellious young western-born individual and not the head of al Qaeda."

Gohel thinks that sawdust is leaking from Osama's costume. Gohel speculates that the young American traitor Adam Gadahn [see also Gadhan] is heavily involved in scripting Osama's theatrical, amateur, and vain makeover, which is not at all the carefully nurtured holy warrior masquerade Osama had previously cultivated:

"There is a very theatrical and amateur feel about this particular message, and I suspect that Adam Gadhan, the California-born head of As-Sahab, al-Qa'ida's media arm, has played a major role in scripting and production of this video, and also orchestrating its release."

"Bin Laden dyeing his hair and beard, whilst hiding out somewhere in Pakistan, is really bizarre because it makes him, a man who claims he wants to be a martyr, look vain and ridiculous as he seems to have the time and priority to do a major makeover before appearing on camera. It does not fit with the image he has so carefully nurtured, the masquerade of his being a holy warrior devoid of normal human traits."

"He seems to have undergone changes in both his physical appearance and his personality."

"It is truly odd that bin Laden speaks about "the reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes and real estate mortgages; global warming and its woes..." because the wording and sentiments are those of a rebellious young western-born individual and not the head of al Qaeda."

"Because video tapes featuring bin Laden speaking to camera are so rare, the release of this particular tape could herald a major attack, though remarkably this message contains none of his usual open threats against the United States."

"If it is indeed bin Laden then he is exhibiting a very different personality trait and shift from previous messages."

Mohamed El-Sayed Said, Deputy Director of the Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo observes:

"The message is much more threatening this time. It's confident, it uses iconic language that suggests, 'I'm commissioned to wage an unending war against you, and the only way to get peace is to convert to Islam.'
It's very clear that he took care to give the impression that's he's at ease, that he's on the offensive and he controls the situation, that's he not a fugitive, he's very comfortable ... He's saying 'Now I can show you mercy or not.'"

"He's in a state of battle, a state of constant, unending war until he Islamises the world ... So they're not talking about Iraq, they're talking about the world."

Fares Bin Houzam, an independent researcher on Al Qaeda, comments:

"This is just a message to his followers and foes that he exists and that he is still the leader of al Qaeda."

"I am 100 percent sure that this man has no power to plan (for al Qaeda). He is just giving signals to his followers around the world." [See the same story on Reuters, here.]

A commenter on FOX NEWS feels that Osama is giving some signal to his collaborators.

Former CIA official and expert on Bin Laden Michael Scheuer offered these observations in "Analysis of Osama bin Laden's September 7 Video Statement" (9-11-07):

The commentators mentioned above and many other pundits—both right and left on the political spectrum—have described bin Laden's speech as something new and a blatant attempt to remain relevant in the contemporary world. That is incorrect. Bin Laden has talked previously on numerous occasions about the negative factors of capitalism and the inequities and fragility of the U.S. economy; many of his post-9/11 speeches featured his bleed-America-to-bankruptcy scheme, as did several of his interviews before 9/11.

In addition, al-Zawahiri and Azzam al-Amriki (the U.S. citizen Adam Gadahn) have repeatedly spoken in detail about these themes [3]. Indeed, al-Zawahiri's extensive February 2005 essay, entitled "The Freeing of Humanity and Homelands Under the Banner of the Quran," marked the start of al-Qaeda's now well-developed campaign of trying to support and deepen already existing anti-Americanism among non-Muslim groups—such as anti-Globalists, environmentalists, nuclear disarmament activists, anti-U.S. Europeans and other "oppressed people." These two men also have focused on the imperfect state of black-white race relations in the United States and championed the Islamic ideas of Malcolm X, and bin Laden—possibly for the first time—hit on this theme in his September 7 statement. "It is severer than what the slaves used to suffer at your hands centuries ago," bin Laden said in regard to conditions for white and especially black U.S. soldiers in Iraq, "and it is as if some of them have gone from one slavery to another more severe and harmful, even if it be in the fancy dress of the Defense Department's financial enticements" [4].

Western officials and journalists have also concluded that there is no "overt threat" in bin Laden's new message. Unless these experts truly believe that at some point in time bin Laden is going to explicitly state the time and location of an attack, it is hard to understand how they came to that conclusion. If Americans do not convert to Islam, said bin Laden—and he probably is not expecting many takers—our duty "is to continue to escalate the killing and fighting against you." That seems a clear threat. Moreover, bin Laden's prolonged discussion of his conversion offer is also clearly threatening in that it is an action demanded by the Prophet Muhammad of Muslims before they attack their enemy. As for another pre-attack requirement—multiple warnings—al-Zawahiri and Gadahn have fired a great number of warnings at the United States this year. [full text]