Saturday, June 30, 2012

Federal Court Demolishes Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's Legal Arguments Against EPA Regulation of Carbon Dioxide Pollution

This is how science works. EPA is not required to re-prove the existence of the atom every time it approaches a scientific question.”---United States Court of Appeals

On Tuesday, June 26, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the Environmental Protection Agency's ruling that greenhouse gasses are pollutants. The Court totally demolished Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's ridiculous, poorly-documented petition to the EPA.

The Washington Post (6-6-12) reports:

The setback in the EPA case was...resounding. Cuccinelli argued that the EPA was wrong to rely on outside scientists to help it conclude that human activity is leading to global warming.

The court mocked that contention. It said building on past research “is how science works. EPA is not required to re-prove the existence of the atom every time it approaches a scientific question.”

University of Virginia law professor Jonathan Cannon said Cuccinelli’s case against the EPA “was a long shot, clearly,” because both the law and the science were against him. But Cuccinelli fought this battle not necessarily to win, but to make a political statement.

“There seems to be a symbolic element to some of the litigation that he’s selected,” Cannon said diplomatically.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dr. Peter Gleick Resumes His Post as President of the Pacific Institute

Today the Pacific Institute published this press release:

June 6 , 2012

The Pacific Institute is pleased to welcome Dr. Peter Gleick back to his position as president of the Institute. An independent review conducted by outside counsel on behalf of the Institute has supported what Dr. Gleick has stated publicly regarding his interaction with the Heartland Institute. This independent investigation has further confirmed and the Pacific Institute is satisfied that none of its staff knew of or was involved in any way.

Dr. Gleick has apologized publicly for his actions, which are not condoned by the Pacific Institute and run counter to the Institute’s policies and standard of ethics over its 25-year history. The Board of Directors accepts Dr. Gleick’s apology for his lapse in judgment. We look forward to his continuing in the Pacific Institute’s ongoing and vital mission to advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity.

“I am glad to be back and thank everyone for continuing their important work at the Pacific Institute during my absence,” said Dr. Gleick in a statement. “I am returning with a renewed focus and dedication to the science and research that remain at the core of the Pacific Institute’s mission.”